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Online/Distance Learners

Get a degree from your living room.

If attending classes on a regular basis during the day or evening is simply not possible with your busy schedule, we have the solution. Using our distance learning system, you can take classes virtually wherever you want.


Distance Learning is any instructional opportunity that reaches beyond the college campus through the use of technology including Learn By Term, Learn on Demand, and ITV live two-way interactive instruction.
Technology-based courses require access to the appropriate technology. Telecourse, Internet/ Web delivery, and ITV, Interactive Television based courses are for students who can function in an independent study environment.
Though all courses are supervised by SCC faculty, the online student is seldom required to attend formal class meetings. The electronically delivered distance learning courses are ideal opportunities for the self-motivated, independent learner, and the learner who is working and does not have a consistent schedule. Courses not offered by the College can be found by checking with KYVC.

Kentucky Virtual Campus (KYVC) gives students a flexible learning opportunity. The Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) and the Kentucky Virtual Campus (KYVC) are partners in offering students convenient, learner-programmed education online 24/7. Registration for classes can be done either through KYVC or a KCTCS College. 
REMEMBER:To enroll in any KCTCS course, you must first be admitted to a KCTCS College. Please fill out the online application and submit it to the admissions office

All KCTCS communication concerning online course user I.D.'s and passwords will occur through the KCTCS email account. To facilitate communication among the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, its colleges and students, each student, both on-line and on-campus, received a KCTCS email address.

Your online classes are taught through KCTCS using Blackboard. You must log onto Blackboard using the same login name and password that you use to access your KCTCS e-mail and PeopleSoft accounts. If you have problems with your blackboard please call the Blackboard help desk at 1-866-590-9238 or use the online help desk.

Complete the following tasks before you start class, and perform these tasks regularly. Many technical issues can be resolved by these tasks:

  • Disable the popup blocker
  • Enable JavaScript and Java
  • Enable cookies
  • Clear cache
  • Delete cookies

Are you using a recommended browser? Firefox is the recommended browser for optimal performance.

There may be issues in submitting assignments and tests if other browsers are used. 
If the above actions do not resolve the issue you may contact the associated software Technical Support listed below.

Blackboard Technical Support online or toll-free at (855) 469-5282 (Option 4)

Pearson Technical Support online or toll-free at (888) 883-1299

McGraw-Hill Technical Support online or toll-free at (800) 331-5094

Cengage Technical Support (including SAM software)

Hawkes Learning Systems Technical Support or toll-free at (843) 571-2825

Evolve Technical Support 
(800) 222-9570

E-mail is an integral part of the distance learning process. You are responsible for checking your student e-mail regularly. Be aware that some online instructors will communicate with you through your campus e-mail while others may require that all class-related communication take place within the Blackboard course site. It is your responsibility to use the communication method required by your professor.

More than 1,100 courses are available for dozens of programs leading to a wide variety of degrees, diplomas, and certificates.  You can also transfer credits to other institutions.

For more information, contact:
Student Service Center