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Online Instructions for EdReady 

The purpose of placement policy is to make sure that students are prepared to be successful in college level classes.

Ed Ready is an opportunity for you to assess your current level of readiness in math, reading and English. EdReady provides a diagnostic assessment which can be used for placement at SCC.  Once you have completed the assessment, a personalized online math and/or English study plan is available to boost your knowledge and improve your test scores. You may take the EdReady Assessment or if you are unsure, talk to your CARE Advisor.  He or she will be able to answer any questions and help you make an informed decision.

Please follow the directions below If you would like to take the EdReady diagnostic.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

SCC is allowing students to take the EdReady Placement Test at Home.

Below are the Registration Steps for Students:

Students will need to register at the EdReady website: https://kctcstesting.edready.org/home  

Click on “Get Started” to complete the registration. 

Students will receive the EdReady email to select link to activate their account

Students will need to enter the goal keys below:

Goal Keys:

English: sccere
Math: sccerm 

The testing center staff updates student accounts with all new and revised EdReady test scores daily.

After the EdReady testing is complete, students can call or email to make an appointment to talk with an advisor.

Complete the online orientation.

Benefits of EdReady

After completing the initial diagnostic(s), you may log into the EdReady site at https://kctcstesting.edready.org/home from any computer with internet access.