Are you struggling in your math class? Do you need to brush up on your math skills? Do you want a better grade in math? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then EdReady is for you!

What is EdReady?

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EdReady provides a free, personalized online math study plan to boost your knowledge and improve your test scores.


Student Instructions:

  1. Sign up at https://kctcssomerset.edready.org
  2. Click the Get Started button to create an account.
  3. If your Program Plan includes MAT 150, add the goal kctcssomerset_2. If your Program Plan includes any other MAT course, add the goal kctcssomerset_3.
  4. Once you click on your goal, you will be asked to take an initial assessment.
  5. Your customized study plan now contains the units that need to be studied.
  6. Click on a unit to get started - Units include videos, tutorials, examples, exercises, and quizzes. Successful completion of a unit quiz will increase your overall score.
  7. When you reach your goal score, contact Advising and Assessment to schedule a free math placement exam.

Math tutoring is available to students who are working on EdReady. See http://somerset-kctcs.libcal.com for tutoring information.

Math tutoring and test preparation services are also available at your local Adult Education Center. http://www.kyvae.org/CountyContacts.aspx

* * * EdReady is designed and maintained by The NROC Project, a community-guided non-profit organization and is available at no cost for personal use. * * *