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Scholarship Application

The deadlines to apply for scholarships:

  • Fall semester - March 1
  • Fall semester (residual deadline)- July 1

Make sure you follow these steps to complete your scholarship application:

  1. An application for admission must be on file prior to completion of scholarship application. Fill out this application completely!
  2. Complete the FAFSA to be considered for financial need scholarship offers
    • Financial Need Scholarships: Preference is given to those who fall in the “gap range”, namely those who may not receive outside assistance for educational expenses. Primarily, this would affect students in the middle-income range. However, both students with federal financial aid eligibility and students who have no federal aid eligibility are not excluded.
  3. Complete the scholarship application.

Apply now!


Thank you!

Suzanna Powell
Scholarship Coordinator
Somerset Community College
808 Monticello St.
Somerset, KY 42501