Tuition & Costs

Checklist Item: Pay your tuition!


 In-State Students

 $162/credit hour

 KCTCS Out-Of-State Online Students

 $162/credit hour

 Out-of-State Reciprocity Students

 $162/credit hour

 Out-of-State Students: From Contiguous Counties*

 $324/credit hour

 Out-of-State Students: Other Out-of-State Students

 $567/credit hour

 Mandatory Fee** (all students):

 $8/credit hour

*Contiguous counties are those which border Kentucky. Tuition is charged for each credit hour enrolled.
** KCTCS BuildSmart Investment for Kentucky Competitiveness fee. A full break down of charges is available.


Tuition for the 4-week and 6-week sessions (for classes that start on May 14th) must be paid in full prior to midnight on MAY 13, 2018. Tuition for the 7-week session (for classes that start on June 11th) must be paid in full prior to midnight on JUNE 10, 2018. Students who have registered for summer sessions, but have not paid by the due dates listed above, will have their registration cancelled. (See SCC website @ for payment options. (Please note that the payment plan is not available for summer sessions.) If cancellation occurs, and student requests reinstatement of classes, a $75 reinstatement charge will be applied to the student account.

  • Pay in full through Student Self Service,
  • Sign up for an automatic payment plan through Student Self Service,
    (NOTE: The payment plan is available for the fall and spring semesters only and NOT available for bi-term courses or summer sessions.)
  • Defer tuition/fees to financial aid, if Somerset Community College has verified your eligibility for federal student financial aid
  • Submit a Third Party Billing Authorization to the Third Party Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office, or 
  • Submit a verification of an outside scholarship to cover tuition and fees to the Scholarship Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office.

NOTE: If students decide not to attend their classes, it is their responsibility to drop them. Students are responsible for the payment of tuition and fees for all courses not dropped during the first 100% refund period (See Academic Calendar), regardless of whether or not the student chooses to attend the class. If you decide not to attend, please do not rely on the "registration cancellation for non-payment" process as a way to drop your classes.