Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences | SCC

Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Michael Goleman (S)

Department Chair

  • Administrative Support
    • Erin Johnson (S)
  • English
    • Michael Bloomingburg (L)
    • Belinda Gadd (L)
    • Jeff Harris (S)
    • Amanda Morris (L)
    • Lynn Shearer (S)
    • Amie Slevin (S)
    • Martin Smith (S)
    • Rob Spencer (L)
    • Erin Stephens (S)
    • Nikki Ware (CaS)
  • History
    • Melinda Allen (L)
    • Josh Jones (S)
    • Dana Muse (S)
  • Oral Communications
    • Johnna Atkinson-Bigelow (L)
    • Christina Kidd-Neal (S)
    • Kim Toby (S)
  • Social Sciences
    • Kelly Barnes, Psychology (S)
    • Aaron Bradley, Sociology (L)
    • Angela Broyles, Psychology (S)
    • George Martinez, Psychology (S)
    • Dr. Craylon Mills, Sociology (SR)
    • Dr. Chris Phillips, Economics (S)
    • James Taylor, Political Science (S)
    • Megan Weatherford, Psychology (L)
  • Humanities
    • Thomas Alvey, Theater
  • First Year Experience
    • Angela Swim (S)

Employees’ names are followed by primary location designation(s).
Employees may occasionally work locations other than their primary locations.

(S) Somerset
(L) Laurel
(Ca) Casey
(C) Clinton
(R) Russell
(M) McCreary
(O) Other

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