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College Leadership

Leadership Council


To present, assess, and debate institutional policy/ procedure, initiatives, planning, and direction related to the college as a whole. The recommendations of the Leadership Council do not supersede decisions or the level of authority established by KCTCS, state, or federal regulations, policy, or statutes.

photo of dr. carey castle Chair
Dr. Carey Castle

photo of dr. clint hayes Alternate Chair
Dr. Clint Hayes
Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
Bruce Gover Executive Council Representative
Dr. Bruce Gover
Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness
photo coming soon SGA President
Aaron Cook
photo coming soon SGA Representative
Gavin Fowler
photo coming soon Faculty Council Chair
Lynn Shearer
Lorrenda Merritt Faculty Council Representative
Lorrenda Merritt
Anita Anderson Faculty Council Representative at Large
Anita Anderson
Dionne Hicks

Staff Council Chair
Dionne Hicks

photo coming soon Staff Council Representative
Hallie Ingle
Catherine Tackett

Management Council Chair
Catherine Tackett

Natalie Winstead Management Council Representative
Natalie Winstead

Management Council 


Will provide a mechanism for communication across the college and a forum for directors/managers to identify and discuss common issues.


  • Catherine Tackett, Chair
  • Sandra Standish, Vice Chair
  • Tonya Brown, Recorder
  • Jon Burlew, Parliamentarian
  • Natalie  Winstead, Representative to Leadership Council

Faculty Council


To represent the Faculty on the SCC Leadership Council; to be a forum for free and open debate and faculty deliberation regarding any and all issues, including educational policies, affecting the College.


  • Lynn Shearer, Chair
  • Amie Slevin, Vice-Chair
  • Erin Stephens, Secretary
  • James Taylor, Parliamentarian
  • Melinda Allen, Senator
  • Kelly Barnes, Senator
  • Michael  Bloomingburg, Senator
  • Carol Calcaterra , Senator
  • Julie Howe, Senator
  • Scott McClendon, Senator
  • Nikki Ware, Senator
  • Megan Weatherford, Senator
  • Kelly Johnson, Faculty Representative to the SCC Board of Directors
  • Devin Phelps, Faculty Representative to the Lake Cumberland Performing Arts Board
  • Anita Anderson, Faculty At-Large Representative to Leadership Council
  • Lorrenda Merritt, Faculty Council Representative
  • Craylon Mills, College Appeals Board
  • Curt Null, College Appeals Board
  • Carol Calcaterra, College Appeals Board (alternate)
  • Julie Howe, Senate Representative to KCTCS Senate Council

Staff Council


To represent the Staff on the SCC Leadership Council; to promote communication and foster a spirit of unity and cooperation; to serve as the organizational body for staff employees to act in an advisory capacity to the College administration and governance structure and provide input into the decision-making process on issues affecting staff and the College.


  • Dionne Hicks, Chair
  • Heather Gambrell, Vice Chair
  • Rebecca Thurman, Parliamentarian
  • Cindy Abbott, Secretary
  • Tawshiana Beggan, Somerset Representative
  • Kimberly Greene, Somerset Representative
  • Chelsea McCown, Somerset Representative
  • Starla Steely, Laurel Representative
  • Meghan Hacker, Laurel Representative
  • Maria Hill, Center Representative
  • Hallie Ingle, Leadership Council Representative