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Health Science

Dr. Ron Meade


  • Administrative Support
    • Somerset Campus
    • Tanya Cowan (S)
    • Cheryl Ping (S)
    • Miranda McQueen (L)
  • Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)/Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)
    • Director of Nursing
    • Dr. Ruth Martin, ADN/LPN Program Administrator
    • Tamara Eastham, Program Manager
    • Assistant Program Administrators
      • Jillisa Hawk (S)
      • Janice Thomas (S)
      • Vacant (S)
      • Vacant (L)
    • Paula Brummett (S)
    • Kaitlyn Carroll (S)
    • Vicki Conaway (L)
    • Marilyn Crabtree (S)
    • Lindsey Garrett (Ma)
    • Crystal Gibson (M)
    • Elizabeth Herren (S)
    • Michelle Jones (Ma)
    • Becky Mink (S)
    • Kelli Shannon (S)
    • Mary Jo Westerfield (L)
    • Angie Wheet (S)
    • Frances Beaty (SL)
    • Christy Crabtree (S)
    • LeAnn Henson (L)
    • Lorna Huffaker (S)
    • Carol Price (L)
    • Laura Roberts (S)
    • Dr. Billie Shelton (S)
    • Donna Vincent (C)
    • Jennifer Wilson (S)
  • Radiography
    • Randall Hammock (S), Program Coordinator
      • Shanda Catron (S)
  • EMS/Paramedic
    • Samantha Feldman, Program Coordinator
  • Medical Assisting
    • Debra Elam (L), Program Coordinator
      • Tina Meier (L)
  • Respiratory Therapy
    • Angela Mills (L), Program Coordinator
      • Jason Asher (L)
      • Christine Carr (L)
  • Surgical Technology
    • Tammy Day (S), Program Coordinator
      • Anita Anderson (S)
  • Pharmacy Technology
    • Lorrenda Merritt (L), Program Coordinator
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
    • Dr. Corey Moore (S), Program Coordinator
      • Melanie Hines (S)
  • Medical Lab Technician
    • Donna Ratliff, Program Coordinator
      • Julie Petrey (S)

Employees’ names are followed by primary location designation(s).
Employees may occasionally work locations other than their primary locations.

(S) Somerset
(L) Laurel
(Ca) Casey
(C) Clinton
(R) Russell
(M) McCreary
(O) Other

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