Administration | SCC


Jill Meece

Vice President

  • Administrative Support
    • Sreldie Huff (S)
  • Business Office
    • Evetta Thompson (S)
    • Nicole Brown (S)
    • Sarah Edmon-Burton (S)
    • Chasity Fletcher (S)
    • Barbara Hall (S)
    • Roxanne Roberts (L)
    • Melonie Williams (S)
    • Katisha Hughes (L)
  • Human Resources
    • Mary Poynter (S)
    • Kimberly Greene (S)
    • Vacant (S)
  • Healthy@Work and Safety Coordinator
    • Shawn Stratmann
  • Operations
    • Somerset South, McCreary Center, Clinton Center
      • Paul Hall (SM), Supervisor
      • William Lawson (S), Assistant Supervisor
      • Gary Perry (S), Assistant Supervisor
      • Aaron Brosnan (S)
      • Tim Roy (S)
      • Buddy Stevens (M)
    • Somerset North, Russell Center, Casey Center, Lineman Center, Valley Oak
      • Todd Chmura (S), Supervisor
      • Stewart Brown (S), Assistant Supervisor
      • Ryan Feldman (S), Assistant Supervisor
      • Andrew Randolph (S), Assistant Supervisor
      • Jerry Streeval (S), Assistant Supervisor
      • Danny Compton (S)
      • Rick Couch (S)
      • James Frances (S)
      • Doug Hampton (S)
      • Steven Hicks (S)
      • Billy Strunk (S)
      • Steve Thomas (S)
    • Laurel North & South
      • John Roberts (L), Supervisor
      • Michael Barrett (L), Assistant Supervisor
      • Denver Barrett (L)
      • Daymond Byrd (L)
      • Donald Manning Jr. (L)
      • Charles Miller (L)
      • Kevin Minton (L)
      • Timothy Smith (L)
    • Fiscal Management & Admin Coordination
      • Sherry Warren (S), Supervisor
      • Vacant (S), Security Manager
    • Facilities & Events
      • Sara Tucker (S), Supervisor
      • Rebecca Black (S)
    • Auxiliary Services
      • Bookstore, Vending, Cafeteria

Employees’ names are followed by primary location designation(s).
Employees may occasionally work locations other than their primary locations.

(S) Somerset
(L) Laurel
(Ca) Casey
(C) Clinton
(R) Russell
(M) McCreary
(O) Other

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Mary Poynter
Director of Human Resources
(606) 451-6622