SCC Grants (Sponsored Projects) Development Procedure | SCC

SCC Grants (Sponsored Projects) Development Procedure

Division: Department of Grants - Institutional Effectiveness
SCC Procedure Number: SPR7.9.6-1
OPR: Director of Grants and Contracts
Issued: 7/24/2020
Approved SCC President/CEO: 7/24/2020
Reference KCTCS Policy: Administrative Policy 7.9.6 Solicitation of Agreements


All grant proposals (sponsored project agreement solicitations) that are not initiated through the Executive Council must be pre-approved through SCC Grants Development Procedures before submission to the grantor. Refer to KCTCS Policy 7.9.2 for a definition of Grants and Contracts for Sponsored Projects.


  1. Establish the need for a project that could be funded by a grant that fits the mission and strategic plan of the department and the college. The existence of a grant funding opportunity for which SCC is eligible is not a demonstrated need for a sponsored project.
  2. Complete a Pre-Proposal Outline with the form. Sign and date both principal investigator signature of the lines.
  3. Submit the completed Pre-Proposal Outline form to the appropriate division head or supervisor for discussion and to obtain an approval signature. The approval signature demonstrates that the proposal has the support of the appropriate division/department and the institution. If other departments are significantly impacted by the proposed project, additional approvals of those departments are required.
  4. Submit the signed Pre-Proposal Outline form to the Grants Development Committee for review. The Committee may request additional information or require other relevant departmental approvals before making a decision. The Committee utilizes the SCC Grants Development Decision-Making Matrix to assist in the decision-making process.
  5. Any project that is anticipated to be funded by a grant that requires SCC to provide a match or cost share, whether in cash or in-kind, will also require the approval of the Vice President of the area which will commit to providing the match. The approximate amount and chart of accounts budget string from which the match or cost share will be committed must be included in the approval document.
  6. Approval Process
    1. Single department projects – Projects that only impact one division/department require the approval of the Grants Development Committee only, unless the Committee determines that Executive Council approval is required.
    2. Multi department projects - If approved by the Grants Development Committee, the application will be forwarded to the Executive Council for their consideration.
  7. Upon the decision of the Grants Development Committee and the Executive Council, if applicable, the PI will be notified of the decision.
  8. The finalized document is retained in the Department of Grants with the project file.
  9. The entire approval process may take as long as 6 weeks.

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