Facility Use Procedures and Guidelines | SCC

Facility Use Procedures and Guidelines

Division: Operations
SCC Procedure Number: SPR5.2.4-P-1P
OPR: Facilities Management Specialist
Issued: 4/22/2016
Revised: 5/4/2023
Approved SCC President/CEO: 6/28/2021
Reference KCTCS Policy: KCTCS Policy 3.3.24, KCTCS Procedure 3.3.24P, KCTCS Policy 4.2.5KCTCS Policy


Requests for facility usage should be submitted through Archibus.


Insurance Requirements

Prior to SCC’s final execution of the Facilities Use Contract, the user is required to provide proof of a $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3 million aggregate Certificate of Liability Insurance for each event with KCTCS/SCC listed as additional insured.  The insurance policy period must cover all dates the User will use KCTCS/SCC property. In cases where the User is a federal, state, or local government entity, proof of liability insurance is not required. KCTCS/SCC is not responsible for insuring the User’s equipment while on SCC’s property or in SCC’s facilities.

Non-Profit Users must show proof of their non-profit status and must provide liability insurance proof to SCC within 15 days of the event. 

Safety and Security

Based on the nature of the event, SCC may require the User to provide security by trained law enforcement. SCC reserves the right to have trained law enforcement present at any event.  

User Responsibility

Groups using SCC facilities are responsible for placing all trash in appropriate containers. Users are not permitted to move or alter furnishings without the express written consent of SCC.  If permission is given to move or alter furnishings, the room must be returned to the original configuration after the event. The User is financially responsible for any damages to the building, grounds, furnishings, and contents (normal wear and tear excluded). 

Weapons, Flammable & Explosive Items

No items containing flammable or explosive substance(s) shall be allowed in SCC buildings. All deadly weapons, materials, substances, equipment, or objects that can endanger life or cause bodily injury, or damage buildings, property, or occupants are strictly forbidden on campus. 

Building Displays, Decorations and Visual Aids

Displays, decorations, and visual aids must not interfere with crowd movement. They must be exhibited without defacing buildings (either interior or exterior), windows, doors, or grounds. Use of nails, tacks, screws, tape, or other adhesives are prohibited. Lighting must be pre-approved by the SCC Facility Contact Person, and use of open flame candles is prohibited. Helium-filled balloons are prohibited. User must remove any event items in prompt order after the event and schedule such removal with the SCC Facility Contact Person. SCC retains the right to remove any display, decoration, or visual aid that, in its reasonable discretion, violates this Procedure or the law (i.e., contains threats targeted to specific persons or groups, displays nudity, promotes illegal activity, etc.).

Ingress and Egress of Buildings

Passageways and exits shall not be blocked, locked, or bolted while the facility is in use. Exits must be visible and accessible at all times. Accessibility shall be in accordance with federal, state, and local law, and College regulations and policies and shall be enforced by College staff.


Guests must park only in designated parking spaces.  Guests must have a valid and legal Handicap Permit for handicapped parking. Guests are not allowed to park on the grass, sidewalks, yellow-curbed areas, striped areas, or any loading or unloading areas that are marked.  Failure to follow the parking guidelines will result in vehicles being towed at the owner’s expense.  


To protect campus health and safety, animals are generally prohibited on KCTCS/SCC property, except:

  • Service animals supporting an individual with a disability,
  • Live animals for teaching and instruction, and
  • Live animals for performances, productions, or other activities sanctioned by the College.

KCTCS Policy 3.3.24 and KCTCS Administrative Procedure 3.3.24P provide further requirements and guidance related to animals on campus.


All children must be supervised by an adult at all times on SCC property. 

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are permitted only in designated areas. No food or drinks are permitted in computer labs.

College Closing/Delays

The College is subject to closure or delay as is necessary, particularly during periods of inclement weather. Any events scheduled to begin or occur during delays or closures will be cancelled, and SCC will attempt to re-schedule the event for a later mutually agreed upon date. Users should make any catering contractor aware of this emergency policy. Closing information is available on the college website and through local news outlets.

Events will not be scheduled during regular College closures for holidays or institutional closings.


User agrees to be financially responsible for any damages to the facilities caused by their event or any of their guests, including damage to buildings, grounds, furniture or furnishings, and equipment. 


Food and beverages are allowed in designated areas only, and all catering arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the User. Caterers/Users are responsible for properly removing all food and beverages at the end of the event. 

Smoking Policy

SCC is a Tobacco Free campus that prohibits the use of any tobacco or tobacco-related products, including electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and all other tobacco products. The User must make their guests aware of this policy in some manner prior to or at the beginning of their event. 

Sale of Merchandise

Sale of merchandise or services of any kind whatsoever are prohibited on SCC property except upon prior written permission. Promotional materials for the sale of merchandise or services are also prohibited.

Campus Grounds

Use of campus grounds as part of the event or activity are by permission only, as part of the Facilities Use Agreement.  Please note that grassy areas are not designed to be used as playing fields and are not necessarily level or safe for sports.  Users may encounter deep holes, large rocks, low spots, or other hazards. 

Alcohol Policy (Beer & Wine Only) 

Alcohol service is permitted only with prior written permission of the College President and is limited to beer and wine only.  If approved, User and College will enter into an addendum to the Facilities Use Contract that will establish the rules for alcohol service, including service, licensing, and insurance requirement.  KCTCS Policy provides further requirements and guidance related to the possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on KCTCS property.

Equipment Use

The use, maintenance, and operation of any lighting, sound, video, or computing equipment belonging to SCC must be approved by SCC or restricted to authorized personnel only.

Any equipment, including a lighting system, sound system, and video or stage equipment brought in by the User must have prior approval. The User shall not install or plan to install any wires or electrical connections without the consent of SCC.  No outside computer software may be installed or used without the approval of the SCC Information Technology Department.

KCTCS Policy 4.2.5 provides further requirements and guidance related to information technology responsible use.

Changes, Additions, Stipulations 

Any changes, additions, stipulations, or deletions, by either College or User will not be considered agreed to or binding unless such modifications have been approved in writing. Only the President/CEO, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Vice President of Operations may waive any charges or User responsibilities. 


Users will be invoiced for the facility usage following the event. Payment terms will be Net 30 (payable within 30 days of invoice date).  

Fees and Charges to For-Profit Organizations and for Training not provided by SCC
Room Per Hour Rental Per Day Rental (8 hours)
Conference Room* $75 $500
Regular Classroom* $75 $500
Computer Lab* $100 $600
Distance Learning Classroom* $100 $600
Stoner Theatre**    

*All conference, classrooms, computer labs, and Distance Learning rooms must be used as configured. Any change in usage/configuration must have prior express written approval and will result in User being charged a $50 set-up fee. 

**Theatre Department Director shall determine rates based on number of uses and Technology required.

Fees and Charges to For-Profit Organizations and for Training not provided by SCC
Room Per 1/2 Day Rental Per Day Rental (8 hours)
Rogers Community Room $400 $700
Rogers Cafeteria $400 $700
Laurel Health Sciences Room 113 $400 $700
Meece Auditorium $400 $700
Russell Gymnasium (no sports) $400 $700
Outdoor Areas (no sports) $400 $700

Maintenance Fee

A maintenance fee may apply when maintenance staff members must work outside of normal campus operating hours, which are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.  The College is not open on Sunday.  The maintenance fee, if assessed, will be $30 per hour, including one hour before arrival time and one hour after User leaves (to allow staff time to open, check, and secure the building properly).

*All conference, classrooms, computer labs, and Distance Learning rooms must be used as configured.  Any change in usage/configuration must have prior express written approval and will result in User being charged a $50 set-up fee.

Information Technology Fee

A technology fee may apply when a staff member must work outside of normal operating hours, which are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  The technology fee, if assessed, will be $30 per hour, including one hour before arrival time and one hour after User leaves (to allow staff time to setup and secure equipment properly).  All electronic presentation materials should be placed on a flash drive and be compatible with Microsoft products (i.e., Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).

Description of Areas

Somerset North, Harold Rogers Student Commons, Community Room #107 – Room is 1755 square feet with light control, large screen with projector, and built-in multi-microphone sound system.  Two wireless mics are available. Furniture consists of ten 5-foot circular tables and six 30-inch by 60-inch rectangular tables with a room seating capacity of 80.  There is also a podium and space for refreshment/serving tables.  An adjoining room serves as a catering kitchen.  Linens are not included.

Somerset North, Harold Rogers Student Commons, Cafeteria, Room #109 – Room is 2341 square feet with very limited light control.  Room contains a small pull down screen, flat screen television with cable access only, and sound system that may be used in conjunction with the Rogers Community Room. This room accommodates two wireless mics. Furniture consists of twenty-three circular 5-foot tables and six circular 4-foot tables with a room capacity of 139. There is also space for refreshment/serving tables. There is a full service kitchen that can only be used by SCC approved vendors; a separate charge will apply. Linens are not included.

Somerset North, Meece Auditorium, Room #120 - Room is 4982 square feet with limited light control.  Room contains large screen and projector.  Furniture includes twenty-five 30 inch by 60 inch folding tables, which will allow seating for 150 persons.  Room can also accommodate 225 chairs only.  There is a stage along the west wall and a built-in sound system for microphone use.

Laurel North, Building Three, Room #113 – Room is 1656 square feet, and light control is available.  Furniture consists of forty conference style 18 inch by 60 inch tables and total room capacity of 100 chairs.  Room contains projector and screen, TV and DVD player, along with sound system for microphone use.  An adjoining room serves as a catering kitchen.  Linens are not included.

Outdoor Areas – Outdoor areas and parking lots may be available during non-peak times. No outdoor activities can interfere with or impede educational classwork in progress. Outdoor areas are not suitable for sporting events and have limited outdoor power and lighting available. No outdoor restrooms are available. Users must provide outdoor furniture via an outside vendor. No College furniture is available for outdoor use.

Requests for facility usage may be submitted to Facilities Management Specialist, Sara Tucker, by emailing sara.tucker@kctcs.edu or calling (606) 451-6676.

Indemnification Clause

Users who are not prohibited from doing so will be required to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless SCC/KCTCS and their officers, directors, employees, and agents from any and all claims for damages including judgment and legal expenses or any other expense of whatever nature that User’s officers, directors, employees, agents, members, or attendees might sustain resulting from participation on campus and use of campus facilities/equipment.  This term will be included in the Facilities Use Contract.


Reviewed: 4/14/2022, 5/4/2023: Non-substantive revisions