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Procedure for Digital Sign

Division: Advancement
SCC Procedure Number: SPR4.24-P
OPR: Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Issued: 3/27/2020
Revised: 6/28/2021
Approved SCC President/CEO: 6/28/2021
Reference KCTCS Policy: 


SCC’s Digital Signage Procedure will ensure accuracy, consistency, integrity, and protection of the identity and positive image of the college.


To request content be added to the digital sign for an upcoming event or announcement, email the marketing department at with the following details:

  1. Name of event
  2. Date, time, and location of the event
  3. Short summary of the event

Confirmation is sent with approval or denial after the request is reviewed.  Please note that digital sign messages are limited to 20 characters or less, for maximum visibility of the event. 

Time Sensitivity

Time-sensitive events may receive priority posting. Messages will be approved for a maximum of (1) week prior to an event, with the posting to be taken down no later than the first business day after the event has occurred. Messages for college-wide events, SCC theatre productions, or on-campus community events will be posted for up to a week before the date of the event, depending on availability, and will be at the discretion of the Marketing Department. 


The SCC Marketing Department has sole responsibility over the implementation of digital sign messages and is responsible for content, grammar, typography, logo, and layout.


Reviewed: 4/18/2022, 4/26/2023: Format changes