Faculty Biennial Ratings Procedure | SCC

Faculty Biennial Ratings Procedure

Division: Administration Services
SCC Procedure Number: SPR2.
OPR: Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
Issued: 10/23/2020
Revised: 6/28/2021
Approved SCC President/CEO: 6/28/2021
Reference KCTCS Policy: 2.5;


  1. Eligible SCC faculty members wishing to exercise the option for a biennial PPE rating will utilize the SCC Faculty Biennial PPE Request Form to adequately justify their request not to participate in the traditional evaluation process. 
  2. All fields of the form, including employee and supervisor signatures and dates, must be complete before submitting. Incomplete and/or untimely forms will be returned to the employee and may result in a delayed response or denial.
  3. The department chair or dean, as appropriate, submits the request on behalf of the employee to the President/CEO for consideration.
  4. The President/CEO completes the form with an approval or denial. This decision is final.
  5. The completed form is returned to the department chair or dean, as appropriate, with a copy to Human Resources for record keeping.

The employee and supervisor complete the annual PPE form in accordance with the President/CEO’s decision.

Reviewed: 4/21/2022, 4/14/2023: format changes