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Employee Recognition Awards Procedure

Division: Human Resources
SCC Procedure Number: SPR2.24
OPR: HR Director
Issued: 11/24/2021
Revised: 4/21/2022
Approved SCC President/CEO: 11/24/2021
Reference KCTCS Policy: 


Quarterly Employee Recognitions - Any faculty, staff or student may nominate a full-time regular faculty or full-time regular staff member of Somerset Community College for the SCC Employee Recognition Award. Employee must have been employed at least 90 days during the quarter for which they are being nominated.  Nominations can be peer or self-nominated. The nominations will be accepted by an electronic submission form. Criteria for nominations is that the employee has completed something innovative, brilliant, dazzling or inspiring to promote the mission and values of Somerset Community College.

Nominations will be accepted from the first day through the last day of each quarter according to the chart below:

Quarterly awards will be as follows:

  • 1st Quarter will be October – December
  • 2nd Quarter will be January – March
  • 3rd Quarter will be April – June
  • 4th Quarter will be July – September

Every nominee will receive an Employee Recognition Award poster to display in their work area. After approval from the nominee’s Supervisor, nominations will be forwarded and distributed to the Leadership Council members for a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Leadership Council members will vote to choose one faculty member and one staff member per quarter to receive the Quarterly Employee Recognition Awards. The winners will be recognized by the President of the College, presented with appreciation by the Employee Recognition Team, and serve as the faculty and staff spotlight on SCC’s social media pages.

Online Employee Nomination Form

Yearly NISOD Employee Recognition – Two employees, one faculty and one staff, will be voted on and chosen by the Leadership Council at the November Leadership Council meeting to receive the yearly prestigious NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) Award. These employees will be chosen out of the eight employees (four faculty and four staff) who received the Quarterly Employee Recognition Award from October through September of each year, as long as the employees chosen are still employed by Somerset Community College. The two NISOD award winners will attend and be recognized at the National NISOD conference and by the President of the College. They will receive an award of a designated parking spot of their choosing for the following year. They will be honored in a Press Release to local news outlets.

Reviewed: 4/20/2023: Non-substantive changes