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Procedure for Committee, Team, Workgroup Council Establishment

Division: Institutional
SCC Procedure Number:
OPR: President/CEO
Issued: 7/26/2019
Revised: 5/27/2022
Approved SCC President/CEO: 6/24/2022
Reference KCTCS Policy: 


  1. Committee, Team, Workgroup, Council Creation Form: Any employee or student who wishes to form an institution-wide Committee, Team, Workgroup, Council will complete the Committee, Team, Workgroup, Council Creation form, accessed through SharePoint.
    1. The individual must provide information including the name and purpose of the Committee, Team, Workgroup, Council, the proposed meeting schedule, proposed composition (number of staff, faculty, management, and students, number of individuals from each department/division of the college, etc.), and whether the team shall be standing or temporary. A designee of the Leadership Council will maintain a list containing all teams and information.
    2. The form will then be submitted to the council/association representing the individual requesting the creation of the team (Executive, Faculty, Staff, Management Councils or Student Government).
  2. Representing Council: The council to which the form is submitted shall review the request and bring it to the Leadership Council for final approval.
  3. Leadership Council: The Leadership Council will evaluate the need for the team requested and decide whether to grant or deny the request based on attached rubric. If the team formation is approved, the Workgroups Review Subcommittee within the Leadership Council will add the team to the list of official SCC Committees, Teams, Workgroups, and Councils.

Reviewed: 4/11/2022, 5/22/2023: Format changes