SCC Grants Compliance Policy | SCC

SCC Grants Compliance Policy

Department: Institutional Effectiveness
SCC Policy Number: SP7.9.6-2
OPR: Director of Grants and Contracts
Issued: 5/27/2022
Approved SCC President/CEO: 6/24/2022
Reference KCTCS Policy: 7.9, 5.3.6-P, 5.4.25-P


Once a grant award is accepted, the College accepts formal, legal responsibility to follow the rules and regulations of the grant, including requirements stated in the original request for proposal, the notification of award, and any other supplemental documentation, including the budget. The College and the Project Director may be disbarred, suspended, or excluded from managing federal awards and sub-awards for mismanagement or misuse of grant funds if there is a failure to comply.

For the purpose of the Grants Compliance Policy and Procedures, “project director” will include “principal investigator,” “grants manager,” “project manager,” and other titles for those individuals responsible for implementing and managing a specific grant.  The project director is expected to comply with KCTCS and SCC policies and procedures, the Uniform Grant Guidance for federal grants, and the specific funding agency’s terms and conditions.

Reviewed: 5/22/2023: Format changes