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SCC Grants (Sponsored Projects) Development Policy

Division: Department of Grants - Institutional Effectiveness
SCC Policy Number: SP7.9.6-1
Issued: 7/24/2020
Approved SCC President/CEO: 7/24/2020
Reference KCTCS Policy: Administrative Policy 7.9.6 Solicitation of Agreements


SCC enters into contractual arrangements with other entities such as the federal government, state and local governments, industry, and private foundations for projects in which SCC Faculty and Staff participate, and SCC facilities are used. These arrangements are referred to as Sponsored Projects. Refer to KCTCS Policy 7.9.2 for a definition of Grants and Contracts for Sponsored Projects.

As Sponsored Projects represent a contractual obligation between the Grantor and SCC, grant proposals (Sponsored Project Agreement Solicitations) must be pre-approved through SCC Grants Development Procedures (SCC Procedure 7.9.6-1) before submission to the Grantor.