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Approval of Fundraising Activities

Division: Advancement
SCC Policy Number: 
OPR: Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Issued: 2/22/2019
Approved SCC President/CEO: 2/22/2019
Reference KCTCS Policy: BOR 7.4.2 and Administrative Policy


The President/CEO of Somerset Community College has ultimate control of the institution's and

Foundation's fundraising activities. This is stated in the KCTCS Administrative Policy and in KCTCS Board of Regents Policy 7.4.2 in regards to independent college foundations.

Any fundraising activity conducted by the College or Foundation must have the written approval of the College President/CEO prior to the activity. This would include special fundraising activities, events, or solicitation of gifts to support the College's mission and strategic plan. All Fundraising Approval Forms will be on file in the Institutional Advancement Office.

All gifts to the College or Foundation will be handled by following the KCTCS Policies on Private Fundraising, and the gift processing procedures outlined in the KCTCS Office of Resource Development -Development Manual.

Regulations regarding fundraising activities conducted by the Student Government Association or other student clubs will follow the KCTCS Business Procedure 5.7.11 and be monitored the SCC Office of Institutional Advancement at the direction of the President of Somerset Community College.

Fundraising Approval Form (Example)

Fundraising activity/event or project: CDL Program
Date or date range of activity/event or project: 1/16/19 - 6/30/19
College or Foundation? College

Brief description of activity/event or project: Workforce Solutions is wanting to start a CDL training program. Trucks and trailers are needed to begin the program. Potential donors will be identified and asked to donate or sell trucks and/or trailers that they are no longer using.

Benefit to SCC and/or students: Truck Drivers are in high demand and by offering an in-house training program, our students will be able to get a high paying job and we will be meeting the workforce needs in our communities.

Support of college mission and strategic plan: Offering this program fits the mission of the college and the strategic goal of enhancing the employability, job placement, and career development of our students.

Projected goal in funding: The donation of two trucks and trailers

Approval of President: ____________________________________________

Date of Approval: ____________________________________________

Fundraising Approval Form (Example)

Fundraising activity/event or project: Martin Luther King Scholarship
Date or date range of activity/event or project: January 20, 2019 
College or Foundation? Foundation

Brief description of activity/event or project: On January 20th, the MLK Community Celebration will be at First Baptist Church in Somerset. The pastor will ask for donations to fund the MLK scholarship and the advancement officer is there to receive those gifts.

Benefit to SCC and/or students: Funds a $500 scholarship to an African American student. The scholarship was established in 2016.

Support of college mission and strategic plan: Supports the strategic plan goal of improving access and success to underserved students.

Projected goal in funding: $500

Approval of President: ____________________________________________

Date of Approval: ____________________________________________

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