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Recruiting Military Students

Division: Student Affairs
SCC Policy Number: SP6.11-1
Issued: 7/24/2020
Approved SCC President/CEO: 7/24/2020
Reference KCTCS Policy: 


Somerset Community College (SCC) has a Recruiting Office within the Student Services Department. The Recruiting Office conducts and manages the recruiting activities to promote SCC to prospective applicants.

SCC supports the educational goals of all current and prospective students, including military students. SCC prohibits the practice of fraudulent and aggressive recruitment of military students. SCC does not condone high-pressure recruitment tactics that target military students.

The recruiter positions are hired as regular, full-time staff with an annual salary based on the KCTCS Salary Schedule. Recruiters are not compensated based on securing military enrollments, nor are they provided any other type of compensation beyond their regular salary.


A clear lack of policies that demonstrate behavior consistent with regulations within the Department of Education 34 CFR section 668 specifically related to restrictions on fraudulent and aggressive recruitment of military students including, but not limited to, providing compensation to individuals for securing military enrollments or engaging in high-pressure recruitment tactics. If policies exist, material offered did not clearly annotate policy.

Please provide a written policy, or a formal training guide or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that prevents this practice.