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Key Issuance Policy

Division: Operations
SCC Policy Number:
Issued: 7/23/2015
Reviewed: 4/11/2022
Revised: 6/28/2021
Approved SCC President/CEO: 6/28/2021
Reference KCTCS Policy: 


In order to protect the privacy and safety of the employees, the following policies and procedures will be enforced concerning the issuance and use of keys at Somerset Community College:

To request a key(s), an employee must complete a Key Request Form and sign the Key Agreement Policy. These are forwarded to the Manager of Operations to obtain approval and issue keys.

  • Keys will be issued to regular employees of the College and will be limited to buildings, offices, furniture, and equipment assigned to that employee. Keys to laboratories will be issued only after approval from the appropriate lab supervisor. Temporary employees will be issued keys only under unique circumstances for a specified time.
  • Keys must be assigned to an individual employee, not a department.
  • Employees will not give or loan their keys to anyone, nor will they reproduce or re-issue any key.
  • The key request form must identify the key needed and an explanation of why the key is required. The request must be signed by the department head and approved by the Chief Operations Officer.
  • Employees must notify the Operations Division (Manager of Operations, Chief Operations Officer and/or designated person[s]) of any lost keys. The cost to re-issue a key will be $20. This charge is the responsibility of the individual employee, not the department.

All keys are to remain the property of Somerset Community College and must be returned if:

  • Requested by an appropriate supervisor.
  • Employee transfers to another office or building.
  • Employee is terminated, retires, or resigns.

Human Resources will be notified of unreturned keys. Department heads and supervisors should assist with collection of keys for employees leaving their respective areas. All keys should be returned to the Operations Division (Manager of Operations, Chief Operations Officer and/or designated person[s]).

The Key Request Form can be found on the SCC Intranet site.