SCC Facility/Campus Closure Policy | SCC

SCC Facility/Campus Closure Policy

Division: Operations
SCC Policy Number: SP3.3.17-1
Issued: November 22, 2019
Approved SCC President/CEO: November 22, 2019
Reference KCTCS Policy: KCTCS Policy 3.3.17



Facility/Campus/Center closing of Somerset Community College (SCC) will be done to ensure the safety of students, employees, and property of this college. Emergency closings are defined as those situations that make it impossible to carry on the normal instructional activities of the college and/or create situations that could be harmful to the safety of students, employees, or college visitors. Some examples include but are not limited to weather- related situations, utility failures, or other emergencies. SCC will determine its own schedule with regard to cancellation of classes, including continuing education courses, university partners’ programs and classes on SCC property, college activities and other events, and any delayed openings or early closures. The college reserves the right to close, delay opening, or close early, a building, campus, center, or other property to ensure safety of people and property.

SCC will utilize the following with regard to the operating hours:

  • College campus(es)/or centers will be closed.
  • College campus(es)/or centers will have a delayed opening.
  • College campus(es)/or centers will close early.

This policy applies to all SCC employees, students, community members, and any other stakeholder on SCC property.