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Committee/Team/Workgroup/Council Management Policy

Division: Institutional 
SCC Policy Number:
OPR: President/CEO
Issued: 7/26/2019
Revised: 5/27/2022
Approved SCC President/CEO: 6/24/2022
Reference KCTCS Policy: 



It is the policy of Somerset Community College (SCC) to manage committees, teams, and workgroups that contribute to improved performance and function of SCC and ensure unnecessary or redundant teams are eliminated. SCC will do this by encouraging faculty and staff to complete the Committee, Team, Workgroup Creation form and submit it to their respective council/association (Executive, Faculty, Staff, Management Councils or Student Government Association) for approval by the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council will also review all Committees, Teams, and Workgroups annually and determine if the group's purpose and function is still valid.


  1. Committee - a body of persons delegated to consider, investigate, take action on, or report on some matter for SCC.
  2. Team - a number of persons associated together in work or activity supporting SCC and or students.
  3. Workgroup - an organized group of coworkers within SCC designated to accomplish a task or event.

Types of Committees/Teams/Workgroups:

  • Standing Committee/Team/Workgroup - Recurring team with a specified annual objective, usually dictated by SCC, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), or other large agency such as an accrediting body.
  • Ad Hoc Committee/Team/Workgroup - Temporary team formed to address a specific short-term, non-recurring task.
  • Event Committee/Team/Workgroup - Recurring team tasked with planning a specific event that occurs each year.
  • Council - Recurring team tasked with the administration of different areas within the college as a part of the shared governance model.

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