Tobacco Free Campuses and Centers Policy | SCC

Tobacco Free Campuses and Centers Policy

Division: Operations
SCC Policy Number:
Issued: 1/01/2019
Approved SCC President/CEO: 1/25/2019
Reference KCTCS Policy: 3.3.14 - KCTCS Tobacco Free Policy



Governor Steve Beshear issued Executive Order 2014-747 ordering all executive branches of government to go tobacco and electronic vapor device free on November 20, 2014.  At the same time, he encouraged all university and college presidents to follow the example.  

Somerset Community College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for its students, employees, and visitors. The College recognizes the dangers of tobacco, second hand smoke and electronic vapor devices. In addition to the individual dangers of smoking, there is documented evidence that oral tobacco use causes cancer of the mouth, nose and throat. The United States Surgeon General has concluded that there is no acceptable level of exposure to second hand tobacco smoke, and there is research supporting the dangers of breathing vapors from electronic cigarettes. 


In support of this commitment, effective March 16, 2015, Somerset Community College is a tobacco free institution. Specifically,

  • Tobacco use including smoking cigarettes or cigars, oral tobacco and electronic vapor devices are prohibited on the college grounds, both inside buildings and on all areas of campuses and centers including parking lots.
  • Tobacco use including smoking cigarettes or cigars, oral tobacco and electronic vapor devices are prohibited in all college owned or leased vehicles.
  • Tobacco products and electronic vapor devices will not be sold in college facilities.


The College places value on individual responsibility and leadership.  All members of the college, students and employees are equally responsible for the policy. As with other policies, compliance is an expectation for all employees, students and visitors. Initial enforcement will involve education, awareness, and referral for smoking cessation support. Authority for enforcement of this policy is vested with the College President, in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources and the Dean of Students.

Reporting Violations

  • All employees and students will be responsible and are encouraged to uphold the policy by respectfully reminding students, other employees and guests of the policy and reporting violations as appropriate.
  • Reports of college employee violations will be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources who will inform the employee’s supervisor. Disciplinary action will be taken as necessary.
  • Reports of student violations will be forwarded to the Dean of Students and will follow disciplinary processes in the Code of Student Conduct.

Cessation Programs

The college will provide free cessation programs, which will be open to all students, employees and guests who wish to participate.  These programs will be offered in conjunction with the SCC Fitness Centers and with sponsorship by the district health departments.