Congratulations! | SCC


You have just completed the online orientation! Your student self-service account will be updated shortly. Once your account has been updated, as long as your admissions file is complete with test scores and transcript(s), you will be able to enroll in classes. We are excited you have chosen SCC. You've got this!

Make sure to check your answers below! If you have any questions, reach out to us at

  1. You should meet with your advisor at least once a semester. TRUE
  2. You will chart your entire academic plan from first semester to last semester in FYE 100. TRUE
  3. The financial aid office is located in the Harold Rogers Student Commons on the Somerset Campus and Building 3 on the Laurel Campus. TRUE
  4. The Student Handbook has a comprehensive list of student resources, such as the library and tutoring. TRUE
  5. Your KCTCS email password expires every 120 days. FALSE (email password expires every 365 days)
  6. You can access your class schedule, financial aid information, and your academic plan in Student Self-Service. TRUE
  7. Tutoring is available in the Learning Commons. TRUE

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