Meet Your Admissions Team | SCC

Meet Your Admissions Team

For immediate admissions assistance please contact the GO KCTCS! Student Service Center at (855) 664-6722 or email

Admissions Counselors

Melissa ChmuraMelissa Chmura holding two coffees from Dunkin Donuts

Melissa Chmura
Admissions Coordinator
(606) 451-6758
(606) 271-8713




Sean KellySean Kelly wearing a blue wildcat hat

Sean Kelly
Admissions Counselor
(606) 451-6923
(606) 872-7488
Admissions Territories: Pulaski (Pulaski County HS), McCreary, Rockcastle, Whitley


Meghan Hacker
Admissions Counselor
(606) 878-4985
(606) 872-7455
Admissions Territories: Laurel, Knox, Clay, Jackson

Amy CaldwellAmy Caldwell pretending to sing with a microphone

Amy Caldwell
Admissions Counselor
(606) 451-6924
(606) 872-7807
Admissions Territories: Pulaski (Southwestern HS, Somerset HS, Somerset Christian), Claiborne, TN


Tawshiana BegganTawshiana Beggan holding a dog and a coffee cup with dogs on it

Tawshiana Beggan
Admissions Counselor
(606) 451-6920
(606) 305-6152
Admissions Territories: Adair, Russell, Casey, Lincoln, Garrard


Cooper Gibson
Admissions Counselor
(606) 875-4190
(606) 878-4914
Admissions Territories: Knox, Laurel, and Whitley Counties

Admissions Operations

Parker N. Tucker
Supervisor, Admissions Operations
Somerset Campus
(606) 677-8330

Tallyn Cornett
Admissions Operations
Somerset Campus
(606) 677-8331

Rebecca Smith
Admissions Operations
Laurel Campus
(606) 451-6646

Kristen Lee
Admissions Operations
Somerset Campus
(606) 677-8335

Lidia Godbey
Admissions Operations
Somerset Campus
(606) 677-8332