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Associated Costs

Practical Nursing Approximate Cost

*All prices are approximate and subject to change

Associated Costs
Program Requirements Cost
Tuition & Fees $174/credit hour + $8/credit hour (Build Smart Fee)
Books $800
Lab Kit $50
Hepatitis B Injections x3 Injections $$ (prices vary)
TB (PPD) Skin Test (2 step) $$ (prices vary)
Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis injection (Tdap) (Adult dose) $$ (prices vary)
Varicella vaccine $$ (prices vary)
Flu shot $$ (prices vary)
MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) $$ (prices vary)
Liability Insurance (renewed each semester) $11
Uniforms (2) $60
Long Lab Coat $30
Shoes $75
Apron $50
Sprague Kit (includes stethoscope, bandage, Scissors, penlight, pocket caddy) $20
Watch with a second hand $20
ATI (Assessment Technology Institute) $800
Criminal Background Check (renewed each year) $35
12 panel Urine Drug Screen (renewed each year) $39
NCLEX Fees $200
Kentucky Board of Nursing Licensure Fee $125
Criminal Check $25
Fingerprinting Criminal Background Check $13.25
Jurisprudence Exam $15