SCC Fitness Centers | SCC

SCC Fitness Centers

 Somerset Campus
 Laurel Campus

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Jeff Brickley, Coordinator
(606) 451-6746

Somerset Campus
Harold Rogers Student Commons, Room 11 
(606) 451-6940

Laurel Campus
Building 2, Room 119
(606) 878-4704

All SCC students have access to the Fitness Center. 

Regular full-time faculty, staff and retirees have free access to the Fitness Center during regular business hours. (Spouses must enroll in one of the classes to use the Fitness Center.)

KHP 107 – Fitness
KHP 124 – Conditioning
KHP 129 – Resistance Training
KHP 134 – Cross Training 
KHP 140 - Advanced Weight Training

Somerset Campus
18 pieces of Nautilus strength training equipment
5 True treadmills
4 Cybex Arc trainers
2 True recumbent bikes
2 True upright bikes
Dumbbells 5-95 lbs.
Kettle bells
Resistance bands
Stability balls
Medicine balls
Stretching mat
4 TVs with wireless broadcast vision 

Laurel Campus
HOIST® multi-station strength training system
3 True treadmills
2 True ellipticals
True recumbent bike
True upright bike
Stability balls
Stretching mat