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SCC Summer Classes begin soon: Advance your career and education

Published on May 9, 2024

male teaching in classroomAs we enter the graduation season, whether from college or high school, we approach the long-awaited sunny weather and summer vacations. However, Somerset Community College (SCC) is allowing students to move even further ahead in their higher-education journey this summer.

Summer Term is an excellent option for any college student. Online classes allow flexible learning experiences to accommodate your busy summer schedule. 

Do you know a college student who has returned home from university for the summer? Our classes transfer to most four-year institutions in the state and can help students gain credits and graduate college even faster.

With the lowest tuition in the state, students will save money by taking classes at SCC compared to other higher education institutions.

With $186 a credit hour, students not only get closer to graduating and entering the workforce, but it also allows them to lower the cost of their education.

Some of the classes offered this summer are:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology – this is a required class for most medical students and Health Science majors. This can help a student be ready to apply to certain programs earlier than expected. Additionally offered this summer in Health Science are Medical Office Terminology, Medical Coding, Medical Office Procedures, Medical Practice Management, Medical Office Software, Nursing Assistant Skills and Pharmacy classes.
  • Fitness Classes: Need some electives? These classes will hold you accountable this summer concerning your physical health and you will earn college credits while taking the class. Classes offered are in general fitness and weight training.
  • Intro to Criminal Justice: This class will help students interested in Criminal Justice to get their feet wet in the subject matter and get ahead of their class when starting a new program. Other classes offered this summer in Criminal Justice include Issues/Ethics, Criminal Procedures and Criminal Justice Capstone.
  • Strategies for College Success: This class is perfect for a student just enrolling in college. It will give you the resources you need to be successful in college. This class could be called College 101.
  • Remedial Math: Need to fill some gaps in your Math skills? No worries, SCC offers classes to get you up to a college level in Math. This is a great summer course to be ready to take college-level Math when Fall Term begins in August.

Whatever your interests and college level are, SCC meets you exactly where you are and offers you a higher education experience that will help you get closer to your education and career goals.

The deadline to apply is approaching with the first twelve, six and four-week sessions beginning May 13. You can also enroll in the 8-week session beginning June 10 and the second six-week session beginning June 24. Get started by visiting our website and searching for available summer courses.