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Support doctors and researchers by becoming a lab tech. Study science and math along with the collection and analysis skills fundamental to laboratory work.

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What is a Medical Laboratory Technician?

The Medical Laboratory Technician program at Somerset Community College prepares graduates to work in a clinical laboratory within a hospital, health care facility or in an industrial laboratory.

Students collect patient specimens and perform tests in such areas as blood banking, clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology, serology, and urinalysis.

Students are eligible to earn a certificate in Phlebotomy for the Healthcare Worker upon completion of the required courses. Graduates are also prepared to take the Board of Certification exam as a Medical Laboratory Technician.

The students enrolled in the MLT Program for an Associate in Applied Science Degree are eligible for the certificate as well as the degree. Students do not have to be admitted to the MLT program to complete the certificate. There will be a limited number of spaces in the courses for the certificate due to available laboratory space.

All students planning to apply to the SCC MLT Program for Fall 2024 must attend a pre-admission conference. 

What certificates or degrees can I get?

Advising Plans


First Semester
Class Credit Hours
MLT 101 - Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Techniques 3
PHB 151 - Phlebotomy 1
PHB 152 - Phlebotomy: Clinical Experience 1
Total 5

AAS Degree

Fall Semester
Class Credit Hours
MLT 101 - Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Techniques 3
ENG 101 - Writing I 3
MAT 110 - Applied Mathematics 3
BIO 135 - Basic Anatomy & Physiology w/Lab 4
CHE 130 - Introductory General & Biological Chemistry 4
PHB 151 - Phlebotomy 1
Total 18
Spring Semester
Class Credit Hours
MLT 115 - Serology 2
MLT 112 - Urinalysis 2
MLT 215 - Hematology I 4
BIO 225 - Medical Microbiology w/Lab 4
Heritage/Humanities/Foreign Language 3
PSY 110 - General Psychology 3
Total 18
Summer Semester
Class Credit Hours
Oral Communications 3
Computer Literacy 3
Total 6
Fall Semester
Class Credit Hours
MLT 205 - Clinical Microbiology I 3
MLT 227 - Immunohematology 4
MLT 233 - Clinical Chemistry I 3
MLT 278 - Practicum I 4
Total 14
Spring Semester
Class Credit Hours
MLT 206 - Clinical Microbiology II 2
MLT  216 - Hematology II 3
MLT 234 - Clinical Chemistry II 2
MLT 279 - Practicum II 4
PHB 152 - Phlebotomy Clinical Experience 1
Total 12

Total credit hours: 68

*Certificate is KCTCS certificate, not accredited by NAACLS. Additional requirements are necessary for national phlebotomy certification.

Medical Lab Tech Admissions Point System


Online Pre-Admission Conference

Program Accreditation

The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) accredits the Somerset Community College Medical Laboratory Technician Program.         
Address : 5600 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL  60018-5119, (773) 714-8880

Program Outcomes

MLT Pass Rate-Employment Rate | Annual Results of Board of Certification Exam
Year Number of Graduates Number of Graduates Taking BOC Exam Performance of Recent Graduates on BOC Exam Ultimate Pass Rate of Recent Graduates on BOC Exam Graduation Rate Employment Rate Attrition
2019 5 100% 100% *N/A 100% 100% 17%
2020 9 89% 88% 100% 91% 100% 25%
2021 5 100% 80% *N/A 100% 100% 29%
2022 8 100% 100% N/A 80% 100% 20%
2023 7 100% 100% N/A 88% 100% 28%

*2018 - Two students elected not to take BOC
*2020 -  One student elected not to take BOC
*2021 - Student elected not to take BOC

Additional Criteria

Upon admittance the student must submit the following materials prior to beginning clinical experiences.

  • Evidence of receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine series or a vaccine declination form
  • TB skin test or chest X-Ray
  • Immunization records
  • Criminal background check
  • Drug screening

Technical Standards

The medical laboratory technician specializes in the application of scientific knowledge and theory in the skillful performance of medical laboratory functions.

Therefore, to be considered for admission or to be retained in the program after admission, all applicants should possess:

  • Adequate visual acuity and color perception, such as is needed to perform microscopic examinations, distinguish color reaction and to detect antigen antibody reactions.
  • Sufficient strength, gross and fine motor coordination.
  • Sufficient verbal and written communication skills.
  • Sufficient intellectual, emotional, and physical functions to plan and implement laboratory duties responsibly.

The following materials must be submitted to the Admissions/Records office by May 15: 

  • Application for admission to SCC
  • Official high school transcript or a passing GED official  score report                                                   
  • Transcripts of all post-secondary education or training 
  • Results of the ACT examination report                        
  • Letter written to the MLT Program Coordinator stating intent to be admitted to the program must be submitted to the MLT Coordinator's office by May 15   
  • Attending a pre-admission conference

Admissions Criteria:

Preference may be given to applicants with:

  • ACT composite score of 19 or higher
  • Ranking in upper half of their graduating class or with score of 50 or above  on GED
  • Cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher taking full time load
  • Kentucky resident
  • Successful completion of Phlebotomy for Healthcare Worker
  • Successful completion of developmental course work

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

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