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Computer and Information Technologies

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Get the hands on experience you need to design, maintain and use different computing technologies.

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What is Computer and Information Technologies?

This program includes tracks in Information Security, Internet Technologies, Network Administration, Cloud Computing Technologies, and Programming with a core of courses common to all. The core includes a general education component essential to a collegiate education and a technical component giving students an introduction to information systems, computer applications, program development, system maintenance, networking, security, Internet technologies, database design, and collaborative system development. In addition to core courses, students take specialty courses for their selected track.

What are my career choices?

You have several career choices as an IT professional. These include becoming a computer programmer, an AWS cloud practitioner or architect, a network administrator, a web site developer or administrator, and an information security specialist. With today's digital world, graduates are employed in every sector of society including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, military, and others. You can find employment with private or publicly-managed companies, as well as operate your own company.

Labor Market Information

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What are my degree and certificate options?

As of Fall 2019, most new students will be required to successfully complete either FYE 100 (one credit hour) or FYI 105 (three credit hours) in addition to the requirements listed in the guided pathways for the degrees and sixteen credit hour or more certificates in CIT. Your advisor will help you determine whether you must complete the FYE enrollment requirement.


Cloud Computing Technologies Track - Amazon Web Services (AWS) (61 credit hours) 
Information Security Track (60 credit hours)
Internet Technologies Track - Web Administration (60 credit hours)
Internet Technologies Track - Web Programming (60 credit hours)
Network Administration Track - Microsoft Windows Admin (60 credit hours)
Programming Track - Info Systems (60 credit hours)
Programming Track - Software Development (60 credit hours)


Security+ Prep (3 credit hours)
Net+ Prep (4 credit hours)
A+ Prep (4 credit hours)
Computer Tech Basic (11 credit hours)
Programmer (12 credit hours)
Informatics Programming (12 credit hours)
Computer Technician (14 credit hours)
Information Security Specialist (19 credit hours)
Microsoft Network Administrator (19 credit hours)
Web Server Administrator (21 credit hours)
Microsoft Enterprise Administrator (22 credit hours)
CIT Fundamentals (23 credit hours)
Web Programmer (24 credit hours)

General Education Classes
Class Credit hours
ENG 101 - Writing I 3

MAT 126 Technical Algebra and Trigonometry OR MAT 146, 150, 155, 160, 161, 165, 170, 171, 174, 175


Social and Behavioral Sciences Course


Heritage or Humanities Course


Natural Sciences Course



Technical Core Requirements
Class Credit hours
CIT 105 - Introduction to Computers 3
CIT 111 - Computer Hardware and Software 4
CIT 120 - Computational Thinking 3
CIT 170 - Database Design Fundamentals 3
CIT 180 - Security Fundamentals 3
Approved Level I Networking Course 4
Approved Level I Programming Language Course 3
CIT 293 - CIT Employability Studies 1
Subtotal 24

Degree Track Courses: 20-21 credit hours (Varies Depending on Track*)
Total Hours for Program: 60-61 credit hours

*For a detailed listing of courses, contact your advisor or refer to the KCTCS Catalog.

Transfer Opportunities

Additional Information

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This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

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