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Associate in Science

What is an Associate in Science?

The Associate in Science degree is designed for transfer to college and university baccalaureate programs. You'll take a series of courses in different disciplines (which are often termed "the basics") that will assist you in determining a future major, career path, and/or area of concentration. SCC offers those basic courses which make transfer to colleges and universities a smooth process while also supporting you to achieve an AS degree.

You should note that certain baccalaureate programs may have specific pre-major requirements. Therefore, you'll need to work closely with an SCC counselor or academic advisor to develop an academic plan and determine best-fit courses.

What are my degree options?

Associate in Science (AS)

Start your path to a career in any Biomedical or Natural Science field at SCC!

You can begin your academic work at SCC before transferring to a four-year institution. There, you can complete your degree in the following areas:

  • Medicine/Pharmacy/Dentistry
  • Physician Assistant
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Optometry
  • Chiropractic
  • Biology/Wildlife Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Agriculture


Each student is an individual with his or her own target for graduation. The plan suggested here can be modified to include summer semesters to reduce the per semester course loads. Contact a biomedical or natural science advisor at SCC for assistance in beginning your journey to a four-year professional degree.

Note: Each transfer program has specific requirements that may be different from the generalized plan shown below.

Course Credit Hours
CHE 170: General College Chemistry 3
CHE 175: Chemistry Laboratory 1
MAT 170: Brief Calculus with Applications 3
ENG 101: Writing 1 3
General Education courses (1-2) 3-6
Total Credits 13-16
Course Credit Hours
CHE 180: General College Chemistry 3
CHE 185: Chemistry Laboratory 1
BIO 150: Principles of Biology I 3
BIO 151: Principles of Biology Lab I 2
ENG 102: Writing II 3
General Education courses (1-2) 3-6
Total Credits 15-18
Course Credit Hours
CHE 270: Organic Chemistry I 3
CHE 275: Organic Chemistry Lab I 2
BIO 152: Principles of Biology II 3
BIO 153: Principles of Biology Lab II 2
PHY 201/202: College Physics 5
General Education courses (1) 3
Total Credits 18
Course Credit Hours
CHE 280: Organic Chemistry II 3
CHE 285: Organic Chemistry Lab II 2
PHY 203/204: General Physics 5
General Education courses (2) 6
Total Credits 16

Note: This curriculum is designed for students entering SCC with a Math ACT score of 27 or higher and wanting to complete all science courses before transferring to a four-year institution. 


rebekah branscumDr. Rebekah Branscum practices family dentistry in Nancy, Ky. She started her path to this career at Somerset Community College. It was an easy choice for her. “SCC was a good transition after high-school, “ she said. “I was able to stay closer to home, save money, and have more one-on-one time with the professors.” Acceptance into dental school, like all professional schools, is very competitive. Dr. Branscum applied to dental school with a strong academic record and excellent letters of recommendation because her SCC professors had the opportunity to observe more about her than just her test grades. Professional schools also expect applicants to have participated in extracurricular activities and she had many opportunities to do so while a student at SCC.

larry ellisonDr. Larry Ellison graduated from Somerset Community College with an Associate in Science degree in 2001. He says his dream of becoming a pharmacist was furthered by the unique benefits offered at SCC. “I was worried about making the transition from a small community college to a big university when I transferred from Somerset Community College to the University of Kentucky. Not only was I prepared, but I was more equipped to handle the classes than many other students because I had one-on-one attention and assistance from my professors at SCC.” Dr. Ellison went on to graduate from UK with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2006 and has since that time been the pharmacist in charge at Rite Aid in Somerset.

john burnett“SCC was a great stepping stone to continuing my education for a Natural Resource Management degree. SCC prepared me for what was to come at UK.”

John Burnett is an SCC graduate and conservation biologist.

cherise patterson“SCC provided me with small class sizes where my professors were very accessible. It was the smart option. By choosing SCC, I was eligible for more scholarships when I transferred to a four-year university. I credit SCC for allowing me to graduate with my undergraduate degree completely debt-free.”

Dr. Cherise Patterson is an SCC graduate and a local physician in Somerset, Ky. 

laura peterson“The classes that I took at SCC built a foundation of knowledge that really helped me through my bachelor’s and Ph.D programs!”

Laura Peterson is an SCC graduate who started her
college career at the age of 21. After graduating from
SCC, she continued her education, ultimately in the
Ph.D. program with the Department of Physiology at
the University of Kentucky.




According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for Mechanical/Mining/Biomedical Engineers (in that order) will experience a 5-12 percent growth rate through 2024. The average engineer salary is $79,188*.


Academic and need based scholarships are available at Somerset Community College. Students completing the A.S. degree focused in Pre-Engineering at SCC will be considered for all need based financial aid program assistance at all ABET accredited Kentucky universities and are eligible to apply for relevant engineering transfer scholarships as well as other related scholarships.

Pre-Engineering Guided Pathway

ENG 101 Writing I
MAT 175 Calculus I
CHE 170 General College Chemistry I
EGR 101 Engineering Exploration I
Humanities Course

ENG 102 Writing II
MAT 185 Calculus II
CHE 180 General College Chemistry II
CS 115 Introduction to Computer Programming
Social and Behavioral Science Course

COM 181 Basic Public Speaking
MAT 275 Calculus III
PHY 231 General University Physics I
PHY 241 General University Physics I Laboratory
EM 221 Statics

MAT 285 Calculus IV/Differential Equations
PHY 232 General University Physics II
PHY 242 General University Physics II Laboratory
EE 211 Circuits
Heritage Course
Social and Behavioral Science Course

Note: To fulfill KCTCS graduation requirements, students must also take a digital literacy course. DPT 100 - Introduction to 3D Printing Technology will fulfill the requirement and is recommended. A list of other digital literacy options can be found in the KCTCS course catalog. Final class scheduling may vary depending on the chosen engineering field and transfer institution selected.  Students should consult engineering advisors:  Billy Dobbs, Debra House, Kathy Lewis, or Eric Wooldridge, for specific course requirements at the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, or Western Kentucky University.


Call or email the faculty below to find out more about Pre-Engineering at SCC.


photo of billy dobbs Billy Dobbs
Associate Professor - Mathematics
and Natural Sciences 
Location: Somerset Campus 
Office: Meece Hall, Room 133A
Phone: (606) 451-6778
photo of deb house Debra House
Professor - Physics
Division: Mathematics
and Natural Sciences 
Location: Laurel Campus
Office: Building 2, Room 109
Phone: (606) 878-4747
photo of kathy lewis Kathy Lewis
Professor - Math
Division: Mathematics
and Natural Sciences 
Location: Somerset Campus 
Office: Stoner Hall, Room 220
Phone: (606) 451-6810
photo of eric wooldridge Eric Wooldridge, PE
Associate Professor
Location: Somerset Campus 
Office: Alton Blakley Building, 
Room 115

Phone: (606) 451-6878


photo of joe cox 

“Somerset Community College is a great asset for small town Kentucky. It gave me a great transition to UK for my engineering degree. I was well-prepared for the program when I got to UK. I developed relationships with faculty and classmates that still remain today.” - Joe Cox, Transportation Engineer (retired), Kentucky Department of Transportation

 photo of alesa johnson "At SCC, the personal interaction with faculty and staff provided me with the academic preparation I needed for UK. The support and guidance I received helped me to succeed and enjoy a fun, exciting, and rewarding career as an electrical engineer with ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas. I am very thankful that I started my college career at SCC and for the positive impact they had on my life. SCC is a great place to start your career as an engineer!" Alesa Johnson, Chief Workforce Solutions Officer, Somerset Community College

Length of Program

You can earn an Associate in Science degree in two years if you maintain full-time status.

For more information

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

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