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SCC Theatre to Hold Open Community Auditions Monday and Tuesday

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On Monday and Tuesday, August 26 and 27, Somerset Community CollegeTheatre will hold open community auditions for the events of its 2013/2014 season of theatre and film performances.

The auditions will be held in SCCs Stoner Little Theatre, located on SCCs Somerset North Campus at 808 Monticello Street in Somerset, and are open to everyone. Doors will open at 7 p.m. each night for sign-ups; auditions will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. An information packet with forms and scenes to be read can be picked up in SCCs Fine Arts suite in the Stoner Building, Room 104C on SCCs Somerset North Campus.

It will be a great season for people who have been considering auditioning for the community theatre program but havent made the leap yet, said SCC Theatre Coordinator Steve Cleberg. This season will see large casts and light rehearsal schedules.

The upcoming season will open with a performance by the Readers Theatre Company on Friday, September 27.

The company prepares for a couple of weeks to perform an evening of short pieces done in the style of Readers Theatre, said Cleberg. The evening is performed before the audience entirely from scripts. Sherry Crabtree directs the evening and always delivers a great experience for performers and audiences alike.

Cleberg will direct the opening main stage production, Spoon River Anthology.

I am looking for as many members of the community as possible to perform the short monologues and music that make up the evening of this play, said Cleberg. Its a unique evening of theatre which offers special insight into the nature of small town life.

There will also be opportunities for musical performance in the show. Music Director Theresa Kibby will be considering those who wish to add their musical talents to the show as well.

Spoon River Anthology will begin rehearsals in October and will be performed on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The auditions will also give Cleberg a chance to consider talent for the SCCs film projects which are slated for summer shooting.

I generally select a screenplay based on the talent at the opening auditions, said Cleberg. We are also developing another episode for our web series.

SCC has launched an anthology series on YouTube entitled Summerfalls. The series is shot on campus and follows the stories of various students at the fictional college.

This spring, SCC will produce a student directed production to be announced at a later date. SCC Theatre major Katie Lowe will be at the helm for the project.

We like to keep the auditions as much fun as we can. Cleberg concluded, I find that people are at their best when they look at auditions as an enjoyable evening of performance opportunities.

Further information can be obtained from Sherry Crabtree at (606) 451-6766 or by email at Updates on SCC Theatre and Film program can also be found on the Somerset Community College Theatreamp; Film Facebook page.