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Greece in 2013!

ParthenonHave you ever wanted to gaze upon the Parthenon (left), the temple dedicated to the namesake of Athens, the goddess Athena? Or to see mixed with modern city streets, the remnants of culture literally thousands of years old?

Professor Wanda Fries is planning a 9-day trip to Greece June 9-21, 2013, in conjunction with ENG 135 Greek and Roman Mythology in Translation.

Travelers do not have to be students or enrolled in classes to go.

The tour cost will be roughly $3600 and covers all the major expenses of the trip including airfare and other transportation, housing, many of the meals including four local dinners, and best of all, a Greek-speaking tour guide who will be available 24/7. Travelers who would like to budget the costs can pay for the trip monthly, and of course, the sooner enrollment begins, the lower the monthly payments.

DelphiStudents who enroll in the trip section of ENG 135 next summer can do some of their work while on tour. But even those who dont take the course will have a rich educational experience with knowledgeable tour guides from EF and leaders with insight into both mythological literature and the
geology of the volcanic activity that created the Greek Islands.

For more information, go to and download the pdf file for the trip Treasures of Greece, which provides a detailed itinerary of all the places explored on the trip, including the mysterious temple of Delphi, (pictured at right), where the Oracles prophecies were sought even into Roman times.

You may also address any questions directly to Ms. Fries by emailing