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Fall Classes Update

Dear SCC Student,


I know that the past two months have been filled with more uncertainty than you ever expected. With the many health and safety unknowns due to COVID-19, the “Real World” has changed. I wanted you to know and be assured that SCC has changed, too, to better meet your needs.

We have been and will continue to develop flexible learning options so you can meet your education goals, especially during this time. Our college teams are have developed plans to meet the social distancing and health requirements for you and others once it is safe to return to the SCC campuses and centers. We are strengthening virtual student support for those online and remote classes too.

As a reminder, summer credit classes are available in an online-only format during the first session at our College. However, a few face-to-face classes will be scheduled for the second session based on Governor Beshear’s timelines for facility use. And as the spring semester ends, I want to remind you enrollment for summer and fall is ongoing. If you have not enrolled yet, please contact your advisor and they can help you enroll.  If you're unsure who your advisor is, email us at SCC_Care@kctcs.edu to locate them and get their contact information.

Beginning August 17, fall term classes will be offered in a variety of formats just as we have in the past. There will be fully online classes as well as face-to-face classes and some options that are a mixture of both (barring any disruption from the pandemic response). Face-to-face classes will have a strong online or remote instructional connection, so if in-person classes must move online for a while, you and your instructor will be ready. Of course, we have a variety of scheduling options, including 16-week, 12-week, and 8-week sessions so you can take classes when it fits your schedule. If you have any questions or want to know more, please go to somerset.kctcs.edu/ for more information.

We are all facing a challenging new Real World. You are not alone. Somerset Community College is offering flexible options to face it with you.


See you this summer,

Carey Castle