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Actors take a seat in SCC production of "The Dining Room"

actors performing in the dining room productionThe cast is set and rehearsals are underway for Somerset Community College Theatre’s fall production of The Dining Room, by A.R. Gurney. The production will take place in SCC’s Stoner Little Theatre on Friday and Saturday, November 17 and 18 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5 when purchased in advance at SCC’s box office. General admission at the door is $8 per ticket. Stoner Little Theatre is located on the SCC Somerset Campus at 808 Monticello Street in Somerset.

“The audience will get a unique theatrical experience,” said SCC Theatre Director Steve Cleberg. “Fourteen actors will play the 54 roles required by the production. Each actor will play multiple roles of varying ages. An actor may play a grandfather in one scene and a child in the next. This creates a lively theatrical effect.”

The actors who play this colorful array of characters include Greg Moore, Theresa Jean Kibby, Navada Shane Morgan, Cait Wheeler, Chris Harris, Amber Frangos, Alexandra George, Barrett Sevigny, David Daring, Brianna Phipps, Joel Brinson and Jade Ellis (all of Pulaski County), Mark Isham (London) and Martha Pratt (Monticello).

The action of the play takes place in a single dining room. The collage of vignettes play out in nineteen scenes and often overlap. This unique presentation allows the audience to witness the American experience playing out before them.

“There are times when two scenes are happening simultaneously,” Cleberg points out. “We’re staging the play as though a single dining room is haunted by many generations.”

This unconventional approach allows the play to reveal comparisons and produce delicious ironies about how American attitudes and values have changed over the last 100 years. Sometimes these changes are for the better and sometimes they are not. As with all change, though, drama can be the result.

“This play provides broad comedy, thought provoking drama and profound insight into who we are and how we got here as a culture,” Cleberg said.

Tickets for The Dining Room go on sale on November 6. SCC’s box office will be open Tuesday through Friday from noon until 3 p.m. each day.

For further information, contact box office manager Sommer Schoch at (606) 451-6766 or email You can also follow SCC Theatre events by liking “SCC Theatre and Film” on Facebook.