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Chance Meeting Leads to Engagement for SCC Students

Published on Feb 7, 2017

engaged students A chance encounter – that almost didn’t happen – on the campus of Somerset Community College (SCC) changed fate for two local students who were simply looking to meet others in their program.

Katie Linville, a native of Rockcastle County, and David Meece, originally from Russell County, were both enrolled in the Computer and Information Technologies (CIT) program at SCC in 2014 when their program coordinator and professor Pam Bridgman decided to host a meet-and-greet.

“The program was all online, so we didn’t have a lot of interaction with each other face-to-face,” said Linville. “The meet-and-greet was a way for us to get to know our professors and the other students in the program. There weren’t many students indicating they could come to the event, though, so it was almost canceled.”

“We’re so glad it wasn’t,” inserted Meece, clutching the hand of Linville, now his fiancé.

At the CIT event, Meece said he walked up to Linville and the two began talking computers, which turned out to be just one of many things the pair had in common.

“It turned out we were in a class together,” said Linville, a 2011 graduate of Rockcastle County High School. “It was CIT 120, which is about the theory of programming.”

Noting that he was struggling with the class, Meece asked Linville if the two of them might become friends on social media and perhaps help each other when needed as the program progressed.

“He’s much better at the hardware and software part of the program,” said Linville. “But I was doing okay in the theory class, so we thought we could help each other.”

After friending each other on Facebook, the pair soon took to texting and later dating.

“A few times we would sit in here (the college’s cafeteria) or on the benches outside and talk for hours,” said Linville. “We had a lot in common and our friendship was growing.”

As the two friends became more interested in spending time together, two SCC professors, Dr. Ron Meade and Carol Calcaterra, “conspired,” Katie said, to get the two officially dating.

“They suggested we go see a movie with them,” said Linville.

“It turned out to be a horrible movie,” laughed Meece.

In June 2015, Linville and Meece went on their first date alone and on December 23, 2016, Meece brought Linville back to SCC while the campus was closed for the holiday break and asked her to be his wife.

“I wanted to do it here (at SCC), since this is where we first met, but I wanted it to just be us,” Meece said.

Of course, Linville said yes, but the two don’t have any definitive plans for a wedding date yet. Linville is currently enrolled in Western Kentucky University’s (WKU) online CIT bachelor’s degree program and Meece is finishing up his associate’s degree in CIT at Somerset. Linville will graduate in December 2017 and Meece will begin the same program at WKU in August 2017. After they finish their bachelor’s degrees, both Linville and Meece hope to find jobs locally in computer technology. Eventually, they hope to open their own shop to do computer repair, web development and more.

Both Linville and Meece know that a few small choices could have led to a different outcome, but both feel like their meeting at SCC was meant to be.

“He’s so romantic and thoughtful,” said Linville, noting that Meece’s proposal at the place they met was one of many personalized gestures he has commemorated during their time dating. “He loves to surprise me and we have a lot of fun together.”

“She’s kind and loving, and always supportive,” said Meece. “She’s really smart and is everything I ever wanted and more. She accepts me for who I am. She’s not only my love, but also my best friend.”

Linville’s parents, Rodger and Phillis Linville, and David’s mom, Diana Meece, have all been happy and supportive of their relationship and pending marriage, the pair said.

“What I love the most about David is that he accepts me for who I am. We built a solid friendship before dating that will sustain our marriage,” said Linville, playfully telling Meece, “You had me at ‘hello world.’”