Personnel Directory



kim landLand, Kimberly

Assistant Professor - Medical Lab Technology
Division: Health Sciences
Location: Somerset Campus North
Office: Blakley Bldg, Rm. 301C
Phone: 606 451-6761
Email: kimberly.land@kctcs.edu

Latham, Paulapaula latham

Associate Registrar
Department: Student Affairs
Location: Somerset Campus North
Office: Student Commons Building - Room 131
Phone: 606 451-6633
Email: paula.latham@kctcs.edu 

Lawless, Garygary lawless

Instructor - CMM/IMT 
Division: Career and Technical
Location: Somerset Campus North 
Office: Blakely Building - Room 114E 
Phone: 606 451-6809
Email: gary.lawless@kctcs.edu  

LAWSON, Darlenedarlene lawson

Instructor - Cosmetology 
Department: Business & Professional Services
Location: Somerset Campus South
Office: Building 2 - Room 218
Phone: 606 451-7076
Email: dferguson0056@kctcs.edu 

jill lawsonLawson, Jill

Director, Clinton and McCreary Center
Office: Clinton Center – Room 101A
Phone: 606 387-3788
Office: McCreary Center - Building 2, Room 102 
Phone: 606 376-7502
Email: jill.lawson@kctcs.edu 

Lewis, Kathykathy lewis

Professor - Math
Division: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Location: Somerset Campus North
Office: Stoner Building - Room 220
Phone: 606 451-6810
Email: kathys.lewis@kctcs.edu

stephanie linkinsLikins, Stephanie

Upward Bound Director
Location: Somerset South Campus 
Office: Building #1 - Room 106
Phone: 606-451-6852
Email: stephanie.likins@kctcs.edu


LIvengood, Deanadeana livengood

Data & Assessment Specialist
Skills U
Location: Casey Center 
Phone: 606-787-0602
Email: deana.livengood@kctcs.edu 

Logan, Donnadonna logan

Division: Business and Professional Services
Location: Laurel Campus North
Office: Building 2 - Room 230
Phone: 606 878-4758
Email: donna.logan@kctcs.edu

darrell lyons

Lyons, Darrell

Assistant Supervisor
Department: Maintenance and Operations
Location: Somerset Campus South - Building 1
606 451-7093
Email: williamd.lyons@kctcs.edu