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Cindy Burton

Program Coordinator
Visual Communication

Cindy Burton 606-451-6751
Office Location: Somerset South Campus/Building 2/Office 225

Office Hours:

8:30-12 T-TH
Year Started at SCC: 2003
Education/Degrees: AAS - Graphic Arts, Somerset Community College
BFA - Visual Communication/Web Design, America Intercontinental University (AIU Online)
List of Courses: VCC 100 Introduction to Visual Communication
VCC 105 Fundamentals of Typography
VCC 110 Graphic Design Concepts
VCA 120 Digital Photography
VCC 166 Digital Imaging
VCC 200 Computer Illustration
VCC 220 Computer Page Design
VCC 230 Advanced Computer Page Design
VCC 266 Advanced Digital Imaging
VCC 270 PDF Basics
VCP 285 Electronic Prepress
VCC 298 Practicum

Being a student first and employee second has given Cindy the upper hand on viewing the Visual Communication program from all angles. Cindy first enrolled at SCC in 2001 and was later hired as an instructional specialist in 2003. She went on to become adjunct faculty in 2006 and has been teaching classes online since 2008. Cindy has always been a big fan of online education and went on to receive her BFA from America Intercontinental University (AIU), an online university from Hoffman Estates, IL. In the summer of 2011, Cindy was hired as an Assistant Professor to the Visual Communication dept. and has since put the entire program online with the help of her program coordinator, Stuart Simpson.

During Cindy’s tenure here at SCC she has served on several committees including: Commencement, Student Publications, GEMS, KOILS, VIP, Transformation, and the Pass Team to name a few. Cindy formerly served as district director for SkillsUSA for a few years and is now an active member of Relay for Life and a faculty sponsor of the Fruit of the Lens Photography Club. Her current research and main committee work revolves around distance learning and how to implement strategies to make online education a success for both the student and the instructor.

Interests – professional: Visual Communication is a program where nothing ever stays the same for long. Staying up to date with the latest trends in technology, electronics and software keeps Cindy on her toes but helps her to embrace new techniques as they become available so that she can share those things with her students. For the last several years she has been a fan of Apple computers and through curiosity soon learned to repair minor to moderate software and hardware problems that may incur. Cindy is also in charge of maintenance on the Apple machines owned by the Visual Communication dept. Staying current with trends and the latest in technology has helped her embrace the newest techniques in her work. As new technology and styles appear, she continues to embrace the knowledge and pass this on to her students.
Interests – personal: Cindy’s main personal interest is in digital photography, particularly night exposures and macrophotography. She also loves to work with plants, spend time with her family, and enjoy the beauty of Lake Cumberland.
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