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EMS Paramedic Program Admission Points List

Selection of students for the EMS-Paramedic program is made by the college President or the
President’s designee, after considering the recommendations of an EMS-Paramedic Admissions
Committee. To be considered for admission to the EMS-Paramedic program, each applicant must
submit the following documents by the program deadline:

(One point each)

  • Enroll and complete the application process through Somerset Community College and be
    issued a Student ID number
  • Have and submit a current unrestricted KY EMT card or NREMT card
  • *Meet all paramedic student requirements posted by Kentucky Board of EMS.
  • **Completion of prerequisite courses or plan to complete within first semester
  • Submit Letter of Intent to pursue Paramedic program to Program Coordinator, along with
    required documentation (PAHT, HIV/AIDS, BLS Provider, Drivers License)
  • Evidence of completion of the Pre-Admission Conference video

Total 6 points

Additional points for program application include:

(One point each)

  • EMT’s who are employed at an ALS agency or Emergency Department
  • Held NREMT for more than one recertification cycle 
  • ACT composite score of 20 or above, or equivalent
  • Completion of 12 or more credit hours with C or better in the following categories: (one
    point per course)
    • AHS 115
    • MAT 110 or higher (transfer equivalent)
    • BIO 135 or BIO 137/139 or transfer equivalent
    • ENG 101
    • PSY 110
    • Oral Communications
    • Digital/Computer Literacy
    • Heritage/Humanities
  • Completion of fitness course (KHP 105 or equivalent)
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher from any regionally accredited college
  • Completion of ALL prerequisite courses and general education courses for AAS EMS degree
  • Instructor status in any of the following categories: (one point TOTAL)
    • BLS Provider or First Aid
    • PHTLS or ITLS
    • NAEMT sponsored courses
  • Proof of membership to professional organizations for prehospital providers
  • Proof of community engagement in the form of volunteer service or military service
  • Letters of recommendation from current employer or Chief Officer of volunteer first
    responder agency
  • Letters of support from family and employer
  • Proof of immunizations as required by current CDC guidelines

Total for this section: 20 points

Total possible points for both sections: 26