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Is Online Learning for Me?

Below you will find a series of questions for you to consider before registering for an online course.

  1. Do you have access to a computer with a CD-ROM drive, an Internet connection, and a printer at home?  In order to be a successful online student you will need the minimum technical requirements:
  • Tested Devices and Operating Systems
  • Supported Browsers
  • Browser Checker
  • Reliable e-mail software and active e-mail account
  • Reliable Internet access (High speed such as cable or DSL recommended)
  • Printer strongly recommended
  • Your course may require special plug-ins (free) to access Streaming Media (video clips)
  • Note: Some mobile devices (i.e., iPads, cellular phones, kindle, tables) may not provide full functionality; therefore, a personal computer is recommended
  1. Would you feel comfortable learning without having a face-to-face interaction with your instructor? Online courses take place via the Internet anywhere, anytime-24-7. You will not have any face-to-face interaction with your instructor or classmates.  However, you will have interaction through email and online discussions.
  2. Can you devote at least nine hours per week or more to participate in online learning? As with traditional college classes, online courses require the same amount of time for studying and completing assignments.
  3. Are you a highly self-motivated and self-disciplined learner?  It will be necessary for you to arrange your own time for studying and completing assignments in a timely and structured manner.  You will not have immediate face-to-face reinforcement and the instructor will follow-up with you via e-mails, phone calls, or letters.
  4. Do you have good time management skills?  Excellent time management skills are a good indication that students will perform well in an online course.  Due to the fact that the formats of online courses are asynchronous, it is easy to fall behind or wait until the last minute to complete assignments.
  5. Are you able to send and receive e-mails with attachments and are your keyboarding skills sufficient?  The majority of the interaction with your instructor and classmates will be through e-mail.  You must have a good understanding of how e-mail works as well as be able to send and open attachments.  You should be able to use course mail, message board, chat room, drop box for submitting assignments, calendar and grade book.  KCTCS currently uses Blackboard for online courses.
  6. Do you feel comfortable reading and completing assignments without immediate feedback from an instructor?  If you are doing your online assignments on the weekend your instructor may not be available to answer your questions via e-mail or phone.
  7. Do you think that online learning is less or more difficult than traditional classroom instruction?  Online courses have the same rigor and depth as traditional classes.
  8. Do you know how to use Internet search engines?  You may be accessing resource materials via search engines or the KYVC Library.
  9. Do you prefer solving problems on your own? You will be required to use your problem-solving skills with online courses.

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