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Welcome to the SCC Transfer Center! If you are considering completing a bachelor's degree at a four-year college, you will find useful information here and resources to help make transferring easier.

Transfer Center Contact

krista atwoodKorey W. Bruck, Ph.D.
Harold Rogers Students Commons - Room 210
(606) 451-6730 


Somerset Campus
Harold Rogers Student Commons
Room 210

Laurel Campus
Building 3 
Room 121

Lets get started! Who are you?

Where are the SCC Transfer Centers?

Somerset Campus
Harold Rogers Student Commons
Room 210 

Laurel Campus
Building 3 
Room 121

So why transfer?

With a bachelor's degree, you will have more job opportunities and higher earnings. College graduates earn $1 million more over their lifetime than a high school graduate. A person with a bachelor's degree earns about $240 a week more than someone with an associate's degree. So, continuing your education beyond an associate's degree can help your earnings significantly! 

Where can I transfer after finishing at SCC?

Check out our List of 4 Year Colleges

What scholarships are available for transfer students?

Some colleges and universities offer Transfer Scholarships! Scholarship details can change annually so make sure to confirm all scholarship information with the transfer school. 

How do I choose where to transfer?

We know choosing where you complete your education is an important decision. Knowing your Major can help you narrow your choices. Start by browsing different institutions and If you have not narrowed your choices, you can visit the sites below to search Kentucky Higher Education Institutions for schools that meet your criteria.

  • Visit KnowHow2Transfer for transfer planning, which courses will transfer, and other tools and information.

How can I talk to a transfer college representative?

  • Emails are also sent to your SCC account about transfer visits.
  • Contact a transfer college representative
  • Contact the SCC Transfer Center

How will my SCC credits transfer?

  • SCC credits transfer to all Kentucky public universities.
  • You can complete your freshman and sophomore years at SCC by earning an associate degree.
  • SCC has special program agreements with most Kentucky colleges and universities. Your SCC advisor can provide you with the details.
  • Visit KnowHow2Transfer for transfer planning, which courses will transfer, and other tools and information.

How do I send my SCC transcript to another college?

Great question! Our transcripts and records page can help explain the process.

How do I apply for graduation at SCC?

Our Graduation Information page will tell you.

Awesome! You are a NEW SCC STUDENT. You need to apply to SCC through the Admissions office. Helpful tip: Pay special attention to the instructions for Transfer Students. 

How will my credits transfer to SCC?

The Transfer Equivalency System will give you the basic information about how your credits from a Kentucky public college or university will transfer to SCC.

Go you! You are a VISITING STUDENT. You should apply as a visiting student to SCC through the Admissions office.

Fantastic! You are a NEW SCC STUDENT. Your first step is to apply to SCC through the Admissions office

Know How 2 Transfer

    Today's job market requires workers to have more education and skills than ever before. Plus, a bachelor’s degree holder earns around $271 more per week than someone with an associate’s degree - that’s a new car every other year!
    You can go two years for the price of one. Somerset Community College (SCC) offers many courses toward a bachelor's degree and lower tuition rates, so you can save money by earning your associate degree at SCC before you transfer.
    Research shows that students who complete their associate degree before transferring are more likely to earn their bachelor’s degree in less time.
    Kentucky has statewide policies to help your general education courses transfer and make it easier to transfer after you complete an associate degree.
    SCC transfer students are very successful and perform at either the same or higher academic level after transferring to a four-year institution than students who start at a university.

Info graphic showing Labor Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing how education level correlates to high median weekly earnings for the year 2015.The SCC Transfer Center offers individual advising to help you decide what is best for you! 

SCC has Transfer Agreements, as well as KCTCS system-wide Transfer Agreements, that have been established with four-year institutions to create a pathway for students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree. 

At you will find more information about how to transfer and gain access to transfer planning tools to help you through the process.