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Ways to Give

Support MCC, not the IRS.

Thank you so much for considering a gift to Madisonville Community College. Your generosity makes all of this possible.

There are two main ways to provide financial support for the important work being done at MCC: annual giving or planned giving.

Annual Giving

If you make a cash donation today to MCC, that's considered Annual Giving. These one-time cash gifts will be immediately invested in short-term needs such as buying new course materials for one of our academic programs or paying salaries to student tutors.

All gifts to MCC are tax-deductible, meaning you can subtract up to 50 percent of your annual taxable income for charitable donations like these.

Planned Giving

The Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs also works with individuals and organizations toward developing planned giving strategies for supporting the College in the long term. Planned giving options include:

  • Bequeathing money, art, land, collectibles, or stock to MCC in your estate plans
  • Identifying MCC as a benefactor of your life insurance policy or retirement savings
  • Establishing a trust in the name of the College
  • Funding the creation of a named endowment or scholarship

The advantage of planned giving is that your gift can grow tax-free over time. These tax-deferrable giving plans are a great way to leave a lasting legacy for MCC and are vital for meeting our long-term institutional goals.