Cultural Diversity

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

The Office for Cultural Diversity was established in July 2005 to plan and implement a comprehensive program that promotes diversity in the College. Our annual International Festival is just one example of this effort.

What is Diversity?

The recognition and understanding of the similarities and differences between ourselves and other people based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and/or nationality. (Approved by the KCTCS Faculty Council, Spring 2006)

Why is This Important?

As an educational institution that provides life-long learning opportunities, Somerset Community College through the Office of Cultural Diversity seeks to:

  • Improve access and success of underrepresented students in higher education;
  • Redress current underrepresentation of minority faculty, staff and administrators;
  • Prepare all students to work in a global, multicultural society; and
  • Lead the larger community to embrace diversity, which can spur innovation and creativity, both of which are important economic drivers.

What are the Proposed Objectives?

  • To assist with the recruitment and retention of a diverse student population
  • To assist with the recruitment of a diverse workforce at all levels (administrators, staff and faculty) of the college;
  • To develop and provide cultural diversity training for all college employees
  • To seek expansion and transformation of the curriculum to address diversity issues (i.e. experiential learning, immersion and exchange programs, multicultural course work, etc); and
  • To raise awareness and appreciation of diverse people and their cultures by sponsoring special events and activities.

Who Should Be Involved?

Student, staff, and faculty VOLUNTEERS from across the campuses and centers, as well as community representatives are needed! Please call or come by the Office for Cultural Diversity if you would like to get involved. We also have a Multicultural Club at both Somerset and Laurel Campues. Join the Multicultural Club to help with cultural diversity intiiatives within the college and community.

Where is the Office of Cultural Diversity Located?

The main office is located in Harold Rogers Student Commons, Office Number 115, Somerset Campus North.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Elaine Wilson, Director for Cultural Diversity by email at or by phone at (606) 451-6915.