Digital Video Productions

SCC's digital video productions filming at night SCC’s Digital Video Productions is the film wing of the College’s theatre program. This production company produces films utilizing students, former students and members of the community.

The College's theatre program began experimenting with the film process with its first production program aptly named “Cheap Video Productions.” After a few projects and an upgrade of equipment, the Theatre program now embraces the film making process with many projects.

September 14 and 15, 2017; 7pm - Autumn Shorts Film Festival

Somerset Community College Theatre’s Digital Video Productions will present its 9th annual Autumn Shorts Film Festival (formerly Winter Shorts Film Festival) with local, national and international shorts film. There is no admission fee. 

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Current Digital Video Production:

The world premiere of SCC’s new short film. Collage follows the lives of a group of characters as their paths cross in ways that change them. A single mother, a gun enthusiast, a pious man,  a jaded social worker, a thief and an idealistic young woman are all faced with the reality of their lives and the consequences of clinging to their beliefs. This film is a product of Somerset Community College Theatre & Film’s Digital Video Productions. This is an educational program designed to afford students and community members the opportunity to perform in theatre and film.

Contact Us

SCC encourages anyone who is interested in taking part in any capacity with Digital Video Productions, to stop by the Fine Arts Offices in Stoner Hall and fill out an application. You may also get further information regarding Digital Video Productions by contacting the director Steve Cleberg at