Board of Directors February 2020 Meeting Minutes | SCC

Board of Directors February 2020 Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2020

Board Members Present:

  • Ms. Charlene Harris, Chair
  • Ms. Kelly Johnson, Secretary
  • Mr. Jonathan Arnett
  • Mr. Gary Napier
  • Mr. BJ Brown
  • Ms. Marsha Phelps
  • Dr. Allison Cherry
  • Mr. Tyler Stapp

Board Members Absent:

  • Phillip Duncan, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Marshall Todd

Call to Order

Chair Harris called the meeting of the Somerset Community College Board of Directors to order at 1:00 p.m. in the Citizens National Bank Community Room in the Harold Rogers Student Commons.  She welcomed everyone in attendance.

Chair Harris welcomed new Board member, Mr. BJ Brown, who was appointed to the Board on November 26, 2019 by Governor Matt Bevin.  Mr. Brown is the owner of Gatormade Trailers.  

The Board was then asked to look at the Board terms on the inside cover of their meeting booklets.  Chair Harris was reappointed to the Board until 8/31/2025 and Mr. Duncan was reappointed until 8/31/2024.

Chair Harris recognized former Board member, Mr. Clay Parker Davis, and read a biography detailing his service to the SCC Board of Directors, his service and work to establish the SCC Foundation as its founding chair, and his personal financial support or the college through the years and his influence on others to support the College.  Chair Harris presented Mr. Davis with a gift in recognition of his service to the College.


Chair Harris called upon Secretary Johnson to present the minutes from the last meeting.  

MOTION:  Mr. Arnett moved that the Board approve the minutes of the October 24, 2019 meeting. Ms. Phelps seconded the motion.

VOTE:  The motion passed unanimously.

President's Remarks

Dr. Castle informed the Board that the SCC Mission Statement is in full use on the website, in the SCC planning documents and behind the decisions made.

A poster was distributed to Board members about the new SCC Share and Care Center serves our students who are food insecure.  It started from a $2,000 KCTCS grant and matched with $2,000 KCTCS grant and matched with $2,000 from the SCC Foundation.  To sustain this center, funds will be needed to help our students.  Please talk to Ms. Clouse if you are interested in supporting the food pantry.  Dr. Castle then introduced and recognized Ms. Tawshiana Beggan, the SCC staff member who started the Center.                 

We received $5,000 from an anonymous donor in London before Christmas and we were asked to choose ten Laurel Campus students who were in need and who would be helped by the money.  It was a very generous and unexpected gift, and we were pleased to be able to do this.

A fundraising event (60 minutes for 60,000) was held on November 21 at the Laurel Campus. Money was raised for a robot to use for the IMT program and other needs for Laurel Campus. Also, scholarship funds were raised and we now have 11 new scholarships to award in the fall for Laurel County residents.  A total of $95,000 was pledged or raised that night plus an additional $45,000 was pledged for scholarships.  Dr. Castle recognized Ms. Cindy Clouse, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, and SCC Foundation Board Members, Ms. Paula Thompson and Mr. Phil Smith, for their work in making the event a success.

The Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce held their annual holiday auction on December 3 and over $16,500 was raised for scholarships for Pulaski County residents graduating from the 4 local high schools.

Dr. Castle updated the Board on enrollment.  We are currently 4th in enrollment for the system, which is about the same as last year.  For Spring 2020, we down about 197 students.  For full-time equivalency we are down 248 students and our target age group is the 25-54 age range.  Enrollment year-to-date is 4,432 vs. 4,629 last year.  Full-time equivalency is down this year, 2724 vs. 2,972 last year.  The main issues are the unemployment decline, less high school graduates coming to SCC.  There are small decreases in 14 high schools that we monitor in our service area, but increases from Casey, Cumberland, Knox Central and Wayne.  We are in process of hiring an Enrollment Manager and will work with new developed Student Life Cycle Continuum.

Dr. Castle spoke about the visits in the last week with legislators and reported that we have strong support from them.  Our portion of the KCTCS ask through the CPE includes increase to the performance funding pool, continuation of the 2% stop loss, $400M for asset preservation, and increase dual credit tuition rate from one-third to one-half.  A copy of the legislative request business card was distributed.

Dr. Castle called upon Dr. Clint Hayes, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, to speak about programs.  Dr. Hayes spoke about KK Tech programs which have stacked credentials and applying concept at SCC.  He also spoke about adding to existing programs.  Dr. Hayes will have a report at the next Board meeting.

A professional development day was held at the Laurel Campus on January 31.  Six sessions were taught by faculty and staff.  Next year the Board will be invited to join.  Dr. Castle congratulated Dr. Bruce Gover on a great job.

Dr. Castle updated the Board on planning documents.  Revision of the Strategic Plan is 90% complete; the Academic Master Plan is 70% complete and the Strategic Enrollment Plan is with the Leadership Council for approval.  The policies and procedures needed for efficiency, equity and management are being finalized.

The winter session has been successful with 170 students.  We are third or fourth in the system.

Chair Remarks

Chair Harris called upon Ms. Alesa Johnson, Vice President of Workforce Solutions, to update the Board on her department.  Ms. Johnson updated the Board on classes offered, the CDL program, electrician apprenticeship, a new program with inmates and Workforce Solutions partnerships.

Chair Harris announced that the next scheduled Board meeting is April 23.


There being no further business, Mr. Arnett moved that the meeting adjourn.  Mr. Brown seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 1:53 p.m.

Date Approved by Board of Directors

Charlene Harris, Chair SCC Board of Directors
Signature on file

Kelly Johnson, Secretary SCC Board of Directors
Signature on file