Board of Directors October 2018 Meeting Minutes | SCC

Board of Directors October 2018 Meeting Minutes

October 30, 2018

Board Members Present:

  • Ms. Charlene Harris, Chair
  • Mr. Clay Parker Davis, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Jonathan Arnett
  • Ms. Karlie Berry
  • Holly Bowers
  • Mr. Phillip Duncan
  • Dr. Allison Cherry
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Mr. Marshall Todd

Board Members Absent:

  • Mr. Gary Napier

Call to Order

Chair Harris called the meeting of the Somerset Community College Board of Directors to order at 1:01 p.m. in the Citizens National Bank Community Room in the Harold Rogers Student Commons.


Currently there is not a Secretary serving the Board, so Chair Harris presented the minutes from the last meeting.  

MOTION:  Mr. Duncan moved that the Board approve the minutes of the August 2, 2018 meeting. Mr. Arnett seconded the motion.

VOTE:  The motion passed unanimously.

President's Remarks

Dr. Castle expressed his continued excitement about being at Somerset Community College, about the people, the facilities and the College.                          

Dr. Castle pointed everyone’s attention to the handout in front of them, which had been prepared for a Chamber meeting the previous week.  The information provided demonstrates the economic impact of SCC and why students should choose SCC.  The handout was developed by Dr. Bruce Gover using 2017 economic impact study data.

Current fall enrollment is 5,801 vs. 5,808 this time last year.  Enrollment locks in on November 1 and last year we locked in at 5,905, so we are currently down approximately 1% from last year’s final number.  For the spring 2019 semester, classes start January 14 and we are currently down around 1%.  We are making final push for our retention piece and bringing more students in. 

In recent events, SCC did well in the SACS visit.  SACSCOC is the second largest accrediting body in the United States and serves the universities.  Dr. Castle called on Dr. Gover to give an overview of the SACSCOC site visit.

Dr. Gover informed the Board that the good news is SACSCOC found a good college.   There were recommendations in three areas:

  • KCTCS Board operation, self-evaluation of the governing board.
  • Improve process for documenting the CEO’s control of fundraising activities.
  • Provide adequate access to student support services at all sites.  This is a core requirement and resulted primarily from our Centers being on 2-day schedules.

There were no recommendations for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  Our plan to address these recommendations will be prepared and submitted.  If SACSCOC agrees, SCC’s reaccreditation will be in place for another ten years.  Dr. Hayes and our team led a very good effort.  It is a substantial process and effort by SCC.

Dr. Castle recognized Dr. Clint Hayes for his exceptional efforts for SCC’s reaccreditation.  SCC’s response is due March 4 and reaffirmation is official at the Commission’s formal meeting in June, 2019.

In other events, Constitution Day was September 17 and we had a panel discussion about the 2020 Census on both the Somerset and Laurel Campus.

Suicide Prevention Training, sponsored by our Student Government Association, was held on September 27.

Boeing Aircraft representatives were on the Somerset Campus on September 29 to meet with our students about possible job opportunities.  The Boeing visiting team commented that the two colleges in Kentucky were the best they have seen across the nation for industrial maintenance training.

The International Festival was held on the Somerset and Laurel Campuses for our students and many students from area middle and high schools.

The Monster Bash, sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa, was held at the Laurel Campus on October 23 and the Somerset Campus on October 29.

Upcoming events include GEMS (Girls Exploring Math & Science) to be held on the Somerset Campus November 2 for 8th grade girls interested in STEM programs.  The G2TECS (Guys geared up for Technology, Engineering, Computers and Science) will be held on November 9 for 8th grade boys interested in STEM programs.

Veterans Day events, scheduled for November 8 for the Laurel Campus and November 12 for the Somerset Campus.  President Castle stated he is honored to be the guest speaker for the Laurel event and his former boss, Colonel Steven Graham, retired U.S. Air Force, Air Combat Command is the speaker in Somerset.

The John Sherman Cooper Lecture Series is scheduled for November 15 with Dr. Gerald Smith as the speaker.  He is a Kentucky native and a professor at the University of Kentucky.

The Great Discussions Lecture Series, sponsored by Barnes & Noble, is bringing Brian Simmons, a motivational speaker, to campus on November 16.

The Wanda Bolze Book Sale is scheduled for November 29.  Wanda was a long-time faculty member who passed away in 2006.  The book sale supports a scholarship named in her memory.

In Workforce Solutions, the first CDL Advisory Committee meeting was held with five companies represented.  Everyone is very interested in SCC creating their own in-house CDL program and we are currently working on getting two trucks with trailers donated to SCC.

We’re currently working on customized training projects with several companies in our region, including Tarter Farm & Ranch, Dr. Schneider, TTAI, Cobb Vantress, Camtech, and Hendrickson.

The 54th lineman class completed on October 4, with an 85% placement rate of graduates.  A Transformer class and a Power Plant and Transmission class have been completed and possible plans for a ten year celebration at the Lineman Training Center are being discussed.

Other announcements include new or expanded programs for the Spring semester.  The McCreary and Russell Centers are going back to four days a week, effective January 1.  We will be offering classes on all four days and hope to expand face to face classes coupled with ITV classes.  The Clinton and Casey Centers will be open four days a week, with classes offered two days a week and student support four days a week.

The Culinary Arts program is moving from the McCreary Center to the Somerset Campus.  We are renovating the lab across from Meece Auditorium and plan to offer culinary classes in the spring.

Industrial Maintenance Technology is starting in the spring semester at the Laurel Campus.

An evening program for Cosmetology started at the Laurel Campus this fall and now we will offer an evening program on the Somerset Campus in the spring.

The Welding program is planning to expand by offering evening classes on the Somerset Campus for spring and we also plan to offer welding at the McCreary Center during the spring semester, estimated to be in March.

SCC was awarded the 2018 Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) grant.  The award is for $140,140 annually for four years which comes to a total of $560,560.  The grant will help us to begin subsidizing child care for low-income students in January.  The grant will support approximately 33 full-time child care slots on a sliding fee scale at four off-campus providers near the Somerset Campus during each fall and spring semester through spring 2022.

We are planning a donor recognition and open house to see the IMT lab and new equipment on November 28 for the $3.9M Work Ready Skills Initiative Grant that renovated building 2 on the South Campus and the Pulaski County ATC.  The event is open to the public and we are also inviting many business and industry leaders who supported the project.

Please mark your calendars for the Holiday Breakfast for the Board of Directors, Foundation Board and other community leaders on Wednesday, December 19 at Downtown Deli in Somerset from 8:30 am until 10:30 am.  Stop by during that time and let us thank you for all your support of SCC.

President Castle recognized employees who have recently left, as well as those newly employed. Winfrey Bates, Shanda Catron and Nicole LaWare recently left SCC.  New hires include Dena Fugate, Erika Avina, Mario Cardona, Craig Eastham, Megan Noel, Victoria Tomlinson, Melissa Chmura, Melissa Dalton, Nancy Meggs, and Ashley Hoseclaw.  We welcome them all.

Chair Remarks

Chair Harris commended that the College has a lot of exciting things going on and the Board is proud of the College and Dr. Castle.

Annual Review

Chair Harris announced the annual review of the SCC Vision, Values, Mission and the 2015-2022 Strategic Goals.  She called upon Dr. Castle to lead the discussion.

Dr. Castle noted that this is one area that is taken very seriously at the College.  There have not been any changes since the last review, and Dr. Castle reviewed the Vision, Values, Mission and Goals with the Board.

Bylaws, 1st Reading

Chair Harris announced that the Board is reviewing proposed Bylaw changes.  The first reading is today.

Dr. Castle reviewed the Bylaws revision with Self-Evaluation and code of Ethics appendices.  While reviewing Article V, Dr. Castle mentioned that we have already looked at several of the advisory committee and we are collecting feedback.

Dr. Castle did not read the Code of Ethics, but instead suggested that Board members could read it at their leisure.

Mr. Arnett asked what would happen if one or more Board members do not agree with the Code of Ethics.  Dr. Castle responded that the Board could get with him “as a group” to discuss and/or make changes.

Chair Harris requested Board members to be thinking about the self-evaluation for the next Board meeting and consider our strengths and weaknesses for the open ended questions.  At the next Board meeting we will vote on the Bylaws, do our self-evaluation, and take action on our code of ethics.

Action Item

The Nominating Committee for the election of officers for 2019 consisted of Mr. Arnett as Chair, Mr. Napier and Dr. Cherry.  Mr. Arnett reported that the committee recommends a slate of Board officer candidates for 2019 as follows:  Ms. Harris as Chair, Mr. Davis as Vice-Chair and Ms. Johnson as Secretary.  Also, Ms. Cindy Clouse was recognized as Assistant Secretary.

MOTION:  Mr. Duncan moved that the Board approve the recommendations made by the Nominating Committee.  Mr. Todd seconded the motion.

VOTE:  The motion passed unanimously.

Action Item

Chair Harris asked Board members if there are any conflicts with the 2019 meeting schedule as sent to them in their Board books and, if not, she asked for a motion to approve.

MOTION:  Mr. Duncan moved that the Board approve the 2019 meeting schedule.  Dr. Cherry seconded the motion.

VOTE:  The motion passed unanimously.

Chair Remarks

Chair Harris announced that the next scheduled Board meeting is January 24, 2019.


There being no further business, Mr. Arnett moved that the meeting adjourn.  Dr. Cherry seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 1:46 p.m.  Board members and guests were invited to tour the additive manufacturing area.

Date Approved by Board of Directors

Charlene Harris, Chair SCC Board of Directors
Signature on file

Cindy Clouse, Assistant Secretary SCC Board of Directors
Signature on file