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Md. Jahurul Karim

Assistant Professor (Biology)
Mathematics and Natural Sciences

karim 606-878-4711
Office Location: Somerset North Campus - Stoner Building 214B

Office Hours:

M/W: 12.45 -4.45 PM; Tu/Th: 12.20-1.20 PM; Virtual- Tu/Th: 8.45-9.45 PM
Year Started at SCC: January 2010
Education/Degrees: D.V.M. from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
MSc from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
MVSc from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
PhD from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
List of Courses: BIO 112: Introduction to Biology; BIO 130: Aspects of Human Biology; BIO 135: Basic Anatomy & Physiology with Lab; BIO 137: Human Anatomy & Physiology I; BIO 139- Human Anatomy and Physiology II; BIO 225: Medical Microbiology; BIO 226: Principles of Microbiology; BIO 227: Principles of Microbiology with Lab

I was born and brought up in Bangladesh and moved in the state of Kentucky in 2005. I had my school education and my undergraduate degree and a Masters degree in Bangladesh. I taught at Bangladesh Agricultural University, University of Phoenix, Louisville campus, Spalding University, Jefferson Community and Technical College, and currently teaching at Somerset Community. I also worked for University of Louisville as a Research Associate. I presented papers at number of international conferences.


Experienced Faculty and Research Scientist committed to quality education and students learning, love to embrace newer technology in the class room, have a high degree of commitment to comprehensive community college concept and team work

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
October 1985 – September 1988
Ph.D.- October 01, 1988
Parasite Immunobiology

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
September 1984– August 1985
Master of Science- October 05, 1985
Applied Parasitology

Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
July 1977 – April 1979
Master of Science- May 1979
Veterinary Parasitology
• Research Associate, Dept. of Parasitology, BAU, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
January 1973 – May 1977
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine- June 1977

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor of Biology
Somerset Community College, Somerset, KY
January 2010 – present
• Teach BIO 225 (Medical Microbiology), BIO 137: Human Anatomy & Physiology I;
BIO 135: Basic Anatomy and Physiology with Lab; BIO 112: Introduction to Biology (Lecture)
• Academic Advising
• Search Committee Member
• Member, Foundations of Excellence diversity dimension sub-committee for the KCTCS Transfer Transformation initiative
• Member, Sustainability Team
• Member, RSVP team (College Board of Student Publications)
• Science coordinator, 2011 – 12
• Member, Curriculum Review Committee, 2012 - 13
Adjunct Instructor of Biology
Jefferson Community and Technical College, Louisville, KY 40202
August 2006 – December 2009
• Taught BIO 137: Human Anatomy & Physiology I; BIO 135: Basic Anatomy and Physiology with Lab; BIO 112 & 113: Introduction to Biology (Lecture & Lab); and BIO 130: Aspects of Human Biology

Research Associate/Scientist
University of Louisville, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Louisville, KY
October 2005 – December 2009
• Design and development of experimental protocols, their implementation, and writing scientific proposals and manuscript for publication.
• Overall management of the laboratory

Adjunct Instructor of Biology
University of Phoenix, Louisville Campus, Louisville, KY
September 2006 – December 2008
• Taught SCI/160: Introduction to Life Sciences

Full Time Faculty
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh:
November 1980 - September 2005
• Taught Helminthology, Protozoology, Insect Biology, Parasitic Zoonoses  to undergraduate and graduate veterinary and animal husbandry students
• Supervising graduate students’ research; students administration and counseling
• Research on important parasites
• Coordinated  department’s administration, syllabi & curricula development; project & financial management; and supervising 14 staff members (as department head from May, 1997 to May, 1999, and January, 2004 to September, 2005 )

Skills and Accomplishments        
• Developed excellence in teaching at college and university level
• Experienced in teaching General Biology, Human Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Parasitology, Insect Biology, Parasitic Zoonoses
• Experienced in conducting in vivo and in vitro research
• Experienced in writing scientific proposals/grants
• Experienced in laboratory management, project and financial management

• Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Integrated Field science, Japan
• Member, Editorial Board, Bangladesh Veterinarian
• Participated in postgraduate teaching at LSTM, Liverpool, UK
• Guest Lecturer of the Officers Training Institute, Bangladesh
• Guest Lecturer of BRAC Field Officers Training program, Bangladesh

Computer skills
• Imaging applications including fluorescence and confocal microscopy
• MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Statistical analysis programs

International Conference Attended as Presenter
• International Symposium on Recent Advances in Animal Science, 16-18 Nov.’05, Sendai, Japan (Invited speaker)
• XIth WVPA International Congress, 18-22 August 1997, Budapest, Hungary
• 16th WAAVP International Conference, 10-15 August 1997, Sun City, South Africa
• 15th WAAVP International Conference, 30 August to 2 September 1995, Yokohama, Japan
• COST Conference on Coccidiosis, 29 September to 1 October 1995, Uppsala, Sweden
• Xth WVPA International Congress, 16-19 August 1993, Sydney, Australia

Membership of Professional/Scientific Association/Societies
• American Association for the Advancement of Science
• Kentucky Academy of Science
• Member, Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Sciences
• Life Member and Founder Secretary General, The Bangladesh Society for Parasitology
• Life Member & Founder Secretary, Bangladesh Society for Veterinary Education & Research

Research: Ocular inflammation, ocular toxoplasmosis, avian coccidiosis

Selected publications:
Karim, M.J., Bhattacherjee, P., Biswas, S. and Paterson, C.A. 2009. Anti-inflammatory effects of lipoxins on lipopolysaccharides induced uveitis in rats. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 25(6):483-6
Karim, M.J., Biswas, S., Bhattacherjee, P. and Paterson, C.A. 2011. Comparison of tight junction protein expression in the ciliary epithelia of mouse, rabbit, cat and human eyes. Biotechnic & Histochemistry 86(3):161-7
Karim, M.J. 2005. Recent Advances in disease control by natural products in animals and birds in Bangladesh. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Recent Advances in Animal Science, 16-18 Nov.’05, Sendai, Japan
Siddiki, A.M.A.M.Z., Chowdhury, E. H. and Karim, M. J.  Sulphonamide resistance in chicken coccidiosis: A clinico-pathological study. The Journal of Protozoology Research (accepted, Ref. JPR 162)
Rahman, A. S. M., Karim, M.J. Talukder, M. H., Alam, M. Z. and Begum, N. 2005. Comparative efficacy of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia), metronidazole and Esb3against experimental caecal coccidiosis in chickens. The Bangladesh Veterinarian 22:1-6
Shahadat, M. A., Karim, M. J. Alam, M. Z.  and Majumder, S. 2003. Seasonal distribution of Haemonchus contortus in Bengal goats. The Bangladesh Veterinarian 20: 72-76
Biswas, S. K, Wahed, M. A. Karim, M. J., Pramanik, M. A. H. and Rokonuzzaman, M. 2001. Evaluation of different litter materials for broiler performances, coccidial oocyst population and level of N. P. and K during winter. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 4(12): 1566-1567
Siddiki, A.M.A.M.Z., Karim, M. J., Islam, M.K. and Alam, M.Z. 2000. Sulphonamide resistance in field isolates of chicken coccidia in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Veterinarian 20: 11-15
Boksh, A., Karim, M. J., Mondal, M. M. H, Alam, M. Z. and Talukder, M. H. 1999. Effects of temperature
and storage on the embryonic development and infectivity of Ascaridia galli in chicks. Bangladesh Veterinary Journal 33:87-92
Mizu, M. M. R., Chowdhury, S. D., Karim, M. J.  and Debnath, S. C. 1998. Influence of depth of rice husk litter on  broiler performance, litter dampness and its coccidial oocyst population during winter. Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 11(4): 450-454
Karim, M. J., Basak, S. C. and Trees, A. J. 1996. Characterization and immunoprotective properties of a monoclonal antibody against the major oocysts wall protein of Eimeria tenella. Infection and Immunity 64(4): 1227-1232
Karim, M. J., Begum, N. and Khan, M. S. R. 1994. Heterogeneity among strains of Eimeria tenella isolated from Bangladesh. The Journal of Protozoology Research 4: 56-61
Karim, M. J., Hoare, J. A. and Trees, A. J. 1991.  Limited heterogeneity between strains of Eimeria tenella isolated from Britain and Bangladesh. Research in Veterinary Science 51(1): 29-33
Karim, M. J. and Trees, A. J. 1990. Isolation of five species of Eimeria from chickens in Bangladesh. Tropical Animal Health and Production 22: 153-159
Trees, A. J., Karim, M. J.,  McKellar, S. B. and Carter, S. D. 1989. Eimeria tenella: local antibodies and interactions with sporozoite surface. The Journal of Protozoology 36(4): 326-333
Karim, M. J. and Trees, A. J. 1989. Immunogenicity of a hybrid line of Eimeria acervulina. In: Coccidia and Intestinal Coccidiomorphs. Proceedings of the Vth International Coccidiosis Conference. Tours (France)17-20 October, 1989 pp. 639-643
Karim, M. J., Shaikh, H. and Huq, M. M. 1982. Prevalence of larval taeniids in goats in Bangladesh. Tropical Animal Health and Production 14(3): 166

Interests – professional: Teaching Microbiology, Human Anatomy & Physiology
Interests – personal: Gardening