Potential Applicants

Required Technical Standards

Individuals applying to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program must also meet the following technical standards, as spelled out in the KCTCS Rules of the Senate:Sufficient visual acuity to observe and administer patient care and read equipment gauges and settings used in treatments;

  • Sufficient auditory perception to receive verbal communication and to execute patient care through the use of monitoring devices;
  • Sufficient strength and gross and fine motor coordination to respond promptly and to implement patient care skills, such as manipulation of equipment and positioning and lifting of patients;
  • Sufficient communication skills (speech, reading, writing) to interact with individuals and to communicate effectively, as may be in the patient’s interest; and
  • Sufficient intellectual and emotional functions to implement the plan of care.

Application Process

All students formally applying to the SCC PTA Program are required to attend a formal Pre-Admission Conference in the academic year in which they plan to apply to the program. These conferences last approximately one hour, during which the profession, the current job market, program outcomes, progression through the program and the admissions process are discussed. Each conference is followed by a brief question and answer session where students may speak directly to the program’s faculty. Students are not required to pre-register for these conferences. At the conclusion of the conference, students receive the actual application packet.

Students interested in applying to the PTA program are first required to formally apply to Somerset Community College for the semester in which they plan to enroll in the program.

Students applying to the PTA program are required to complete the ACT or SAT Examination. The COMPASS Examination does not meet this requirement. To obtain a list of upcoming test dates at SCC, contact the SCC Assessment Center.

All students are awarded points based upon a number of areas including composite ACT / SAT score, observation hours and work experience. All finalists for a position in the program are then required to participate in a formal panel interview process with the program’s Admissions Committee.

Once selected for a position in the program, students are required to attend a mandatory two-day orientation prior to the first week of formal classes in the fall. These dates are announced in the student’s acceptance letter. Failure to attend the mandatory session results in the offer of admission to the program being withdrawn. In addition, failure to adhere to any of the KCTCS, SCC or PTA Program policies may result in the offer of admission being withdrawn.

Program Expectations

Admission to the PTA Program is highly competitive and, therefore, the program’s expectations of students enrolled in the program are quite high. Students must demonstrate an excellent work ethic if they are to succeed within the program and profession and should be prepared to devote the necessary time and energy to complete the program if admitted. It is expected that all program students will adhere to the program’s guidelines related to legal, ethical and safety issues. Other highly desirable traits include:

  • Professional behavior on campus and in clinical settings;
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; 
  •  Excellent observation skills and critical thinking abilities;
  • Genuine interest in the physical therapy profession;
  • Genuine interest in healthy lifestyles;
  • Behaviors that demonstrate motivation, responsibility and a commitment to excellence;
  • High level of self-initiation; and
  • Compassionate, culturally sensitive and respectful of others with differing opinions, viewpoints, backgrounds and lifestyles.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply to the program is 5:00 PM on April 1. The program is not responsible for late or misdirected mail. Students who wish to submit their application packet in person should contact the Program Director by e-mail to coordinate a time at ron.meade@kctcs.edu.

High School / GED Students

The SCC PTA Program can be completed in the equivalency of five semesters and, therefore, students enrolled in their final semester of high school or those with no prior college experience are welcome to apply to the program. If accepted, the student is required to begin classes in the summer following their high school graduation. While all students with an interest in the profession are encouraged to apply, those ranking in the top 10% of their graduating class with a composite score of 20 or better on the ACT examination are highly competitive.  For applicants completing the GED, students receive points based upon performance on the GED Exam.

The program annually hosts Pre-Admission Conferences for high school seniors and those with no prior college experience. Students wishing to attend one of these conferences are required to pre-register by contacting the PTA Program Director at ron.meade@kctcs.edu.


The SCC Physical Therapy Student Organization participates in a number of charitable and professional causes and is quite active on SCC’s campus.  The organization has volunteered at a number of events in the past, including the Kentucky Special Olympics, Shriners Hospital for Children’s No Limits Sports Clinic, Camp TJ, Camp Heart to Heart, God’s Food Pantry, Shoes4Kids and other worthwhile causes.

In addition, members of the organization have attended the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association’s Fall and Spring Conferences and the American Physical Therapy Association’s National Conference and Exposition, Combined Sections Meeting and National Student Conclave.  The organization is open to all college and high school students interested in the profession of physical therapy or who enjoy participating in volunteer activities.  For a list of upcoming meeting times and events, contact the PTA Program Director at ron.meade@kctcs.edu.

When and How do I get started with this degree?

Check out SCC News & Events to find out when class terms and enrollment begin. See your Program/Option Coordinator for details. For more information on becoming a student at SCC follow our Admissions Checklist for becoming a student at SCC.