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Undecided and "Pending" Status Changes for Financial Aid

Federal guidelines require all students receiving financial aid be enrolled in an approved program plan or major in time to graduate prior to reaching the maximum attempted hours needed to graduate. This affects students who currently have a program plan or major status of undecided or pending, and have attempted or will have attempted at least 30 credit hours by the end of the Fall 2011 term. Students must choose a program plan or major to remain eligible for financial aid.

Note: Not all certificate or diploma programs are approved for Federal Financial Aid. Programs must be a minimum of 15 weeks in length and 16 credit hours.

Recommended Steps to resolve Issue:

  • Meet with Academic Advisor
  • Declare eligible major

Any student in a pending program and anticipate being accepted in the desired program of study by May 15, 2011 you must:

  • Provide a confirmation or acceptance verifying your acceptance in the program.
  • A completed Financial Aid Degree Audit
  • An Academic Plan signed by you and your advisor indicating what classes you will need to gain acceptance into the desired program.

The deadline to change program plans so financial aid is not affected is May 1, 2012.