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Three SCC Professors Commissioned as Kentucky Colonels

Three Somerset Community College Aviation Maintenance professors were surprised on Thursday with a visit from a former student and colleague who commissioned them as Kentucky Colonels.

Dave Phelps, Mike Calder and Jerry Graham, all associate professors, were bestowed the honor by Porter Mayberry. Mayberry is a graduate of SCCs aviation program. After graduation, Mayberry worked for Northwest Airlines out of Knoxville and then returned to SCC as an instructor. Currently, Mayberry works for the Federal Aviation Administration in Louisville as the assistant power plant program manager for the United Parcel Service Certificate Management Office (UPS CMO).

Without them and their instruction, I wouldn't have the job I have now or the experiences, said Mayberry, a native of Winfield, Tenn. These guys certainly do more than teach and they help their students in ways no one sees. I think they've got the best program in the state and I wanted to show them my appreciation.

Kentucky Colonels are appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and must be recommended by an individual who holds a Colonel Commission. The title Kentucky Colonel originated in 1813, according to the Kentucky Colonel website, and today seeks to provide financial support to Kentucky charitable and educational institutions and organizations.

We are honored to receive this designation, said Phelps. Its certainly nice to know someone thinks this much of you to nominate you for something like this.

KY Colonels
CUTLINE: From left, Porter Mayberry, SCC grad and former instructor presented Aviation Maintenance professors Mike Calder, Jerry Graham and Dave Phelps with their Kentucky Colonel certificates.