Third SCC Program Achieves 100% First-Attempt Board Pass Rate: Advanced-Level Respiratory Therapist | SCC

Third SCC Program Achieves 100% First-Attempt Board Pass Rate: Advanced-Level Respiratory Therapist

The 2012 Advanced-Level Respiratory Therapist Program graduates include, from bottom left: Steffany Bryant, Mt. Vernon; Karla Ashley, Orlando; Bobbi Abner, East Bernstadt; Kelly Mobley, Berea; Lee Cox, McKee; Jorden Bryant, Corbin; Ashley Hancock, Monticello; Casey Gregory, Monticello; Bill Chasteen, East Bernstadt; Keshia Bryant, Stearns; Julia Welch, McKee; Valerie Pennington, Rockholds; Erica Wilson, Eubank; Curtis Jones, London; Matthew Ball, London; and Joe Fouts, London.
The Advanced-Level Respiratory Therapist Program announced recently that the May 2012 graduates received a 100 percent first-attempt pass rate on their National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) credentialing exam. This makes the third program from Somerset Community College (SCC) to report 100 percent first-attempt pass rates. The other two programs receiving this honor include Physical Therapist Assistant[BROKEN LINK] and Radiography.

The national pass rate average for the National Board of Respiratory Care currently stands at 78.97 percent, putting the SCC program well above the national average, a significant accomplishment considering the associate degree program at SCC is held in comparison to bachelor degree programs nationwide.

In addition, of the 16 Advanced-Level Respiratory Therapist graduates in 2012, 15 have passed the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credentialing examination. This is the highest credential level available in the field of Respiratory Care.

"It has been a labor of love to convert this 25-year-old program from entry-level to advanced-level status and maintain success rates at or above the national average, said Jess Hoskins, program coordinator. "This success can be attributed to not only the faculty members I have the pleasure of working with - Jason Asher, Cindy Fouts, and Angie Mills - but also the guidance and support we receive from SCC and KCTCS."

The program has a current enrollment of 19 Level II students (upper division) and has just enrolled 25 new Level I students for a total program enrollment of 44. The Level II students are on track to graduate in May 2013. In the past five years, Hoskins said the program has produced 87 Certified Respiratory Therapists and 65 Registered Respiratory Therapists.

Our goal is to continually produce highly qualified graduates that can meet the needs of the communities we serve, Hoskins said.

The SCC Laurel Campus in London is home to the Advanced-Level Respiratory Therapist program.